Full Details on Qualifiers for DreamHack ZOWIE Open: Montreal Featuring WCS Circuit: Summer Championship!

DreamHack and Blizzard Entertainment would like to announce the DreamHack ZOWIE Open: Montreal Qualifiers for WCS Circuit Summer Championship – where 32 players will compete for a $150,000 prize pool, 11,000 WCS Circuit points, and a direct seed into the WCS Global Playoffs at BlizzCon 2016.


Regional Challengers

8 Players from Regional Challengers:
•2 slots for Europe, Africa and the Middle East
•2 slots for North America (USA and Canada)
•1 slot for Latin America
•1 slot for China
•1 slot for Oceania, Southeast Asia and Japan
•1 slot for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau

EU & NA Ladder Challengers – June 27th -July 5th

The top 16 players in Grandmaster League in both Europe & North America qualify for separate playoffs. Ladder qualifier ends Tuesday, July 5th.
•Europe Ladder: 11:59 PM CEST
•North America Ladder: 11:59 PM EDT

•Double elimination brackets of 16 players.
•Seed is based on the player’s ladder position.
•The top 2 players will qualify for WCS Summer Championship at DreamHack ZOWIE Open: Montreal.
•The top 2 players will have their travel & accommodations paid for.

Friday, July 8th
•EU round of 16 begins 6:00 pm CEST
•NA round of 16 begins 8:00 pm EDT

Saturday, July 9th
•EU losers bracket round 4 begins 6:00 pm CEST
•NA losers bracket round 4 begins 8:00 pm EDT

Additional Information

Grandmaster League in North America and Europe will open up at 9:00 CEST/3:00 EDT/0:00 PDT on Monday, June 27th.

Players will be required to play under the name that they wish to use during the WCS Circuit Spring Championship. A free character name change was provided to every account on June 20th. Player’s account names have to be recognizable (no ‘bar code’ or otherwise unknown alias) once Grandmaster League opens. Any later name changes will render that account ineligible for the respective top 16 final.

Players must have their Battle.net account registered to one of the eligible countries or submit other proof of citizenship or residency to esportsteam@blizzard.com. For more information check here.

The double elimination tournament seeding will work as follows: 1st-4th in Grandmaster rankings will receive top seed, 5th-8th second seed, 9th-12th third seed, and 13th-16th fourth seed.

All matches will be Best of 5. The champion of the upper bracket will receive first place, and the lower bracket champion will receive second place.

For the North American Challenger tournament, only residents and citizens of North America (Canada & U.S.) will be eligible to qualify.

EU players have to be citizens or residents of countries in Africa, Europe or the Middle East.


16 players from Qualifiers and 8 from invites.
•8 slots in total for EU Server Qualifier – #1 LINK 20th of July (Finals 23rd of July) – #2 LINK 21th of July (Finals 23rd of July)
•5 slots in total for NA Server Qualifier – #1 LINK 20th of July – #2 LINK 21th of July (Finals 23rd of July)
•1 slot for CN Server Qualifier 9th of July
•2 players from National Qualifier – LINK 19th of July,
•8 invites from 2016 WCS Standings

Due to timing and visa considerations, players from the China region will not be able to compete in NA/EU server qualifiers for the Summer Championship. Instead, one spot has been allocated to a China region only qualifier.

•32 players in a single-elimination bracket.
•Round of 32 to Semifinals are Best of 5.
•Finals are Best of 7.