European eSports Tournament “Gamers Assembly” Announces Competition Schedule and Prize Pools Breakdown

France’s Largest eSports Focused Event Continues to Fuel Competitive Frenzy This April 15-17 with the Participation of Over 1,900 Professional Gamers from Around the World!

Gamers Assembly, the largest eSports event in France dedicated to the online gaming community taking place April 15-17, 2017 at Poitiers Exhibition Centre in France, today announced the schedules for its professional and amateur tournaments. On both PC and console (PlayStation® 4 and Xbox® One), thousands of international individual gamers and teams will battle one other during intense and exciting competitions. The full tournament schedule can be found at .


More than just a phenomenon, the eSports craze has emerged in Europe as a recognized discipline through events such as Gamers Assembly. One the biggest European LAN parties, Gamers Assembly focuses on gamers by offering them a colossal, dedicated space and over 72 hours for them to express their talent during official tournaments supported by renowned partners. Professional and amateur gamers alike have been invited annually for 17 years to participate in this exclusive opportunity. Acknowledged as true celebrities, each gamer has the potential to reach the podium and prove their skills thanks to grueling training and foolproof concentration. Consequently, Gamers Assembly has been a huge factor in the success of competitors such as Bruce “Spank” Grannec, ElkY, Kayane, Stefano, xPeke, Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim, as well as teams such as Origen, Fnatic, Mousesport, and more.


What better way to unleash the talent of over 1,900 expected professional gamers than the support of major partners? MOBA, FPS, RTS, Card Games, racing or soccer, the Gamers Assembly has over 18 official tournaments and as many other free access competitions. A gaming heaven with depth and variety! With an all-in, all cash prize of 70.000€, and with titles like League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, HearthStone, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, etc., Gamers Assembly attracts amateurs as well as professionals desperate to wave the trophy in front of the cheering crowd.

Below is the complete tournament and cash prizes list for the 2017 Gamers Assembly:

PC Competitions :

•Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Valve – 10 000 €
•League of Legends – Riot Games – 10 000 €
•Overwatch – Blizzard – 6 000 €
•Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Blizzard – 5 000 €
•Rainbow Six Siege – Ubisoft – 7 500 €
•Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void – Blizzard – 3 000 €
•Team fortress 2 – Valve – 2 100 €
•Trackmania 2: Stadium – NADEO – 2 200 €
•Trackmania: Full Speed – NADEO – 700 €
•Trackmania: Canyon – NADEO – 300 €
•Trackmania: Dirt – NADEO – 700 €
•Shootmania Elite – NADEO – 1 050 €
•Rocket League – Psyonix – 900 €
•Paladins – Hi-Rez Studios – 1 500 €
•European Overclocking Final – HWBot

Console Competitions :

•Rainbow Six Siege – Ubisoft – 7 500 €
•Call of Duty 4: Infinite Warfare – Activision – 4 000 €
•FIFA 2017 – Xbox One – EA – 3 000 €
•Street Fighter V – PS4 – Capcom – 1 500 €
•Mortal Combat XL – PS4 – Warner Bros. – 1 500 €
•Super Smash Bros – PS4 – Nintendo – 1 500 €

About Gamers Assembly
Gamers Assembly is one of the largest gathering of European network players. The 2017 event, our 18th edition, brought together twenty different communities on PC and console. Many booths and animations can be discovered there, making it the most anticipated gaming festival every year! The “GA” Poitiers assembles more than 1,800 players every year with nearly 20,000 visitors also expected.

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