Tekken (Japanese: 鉄拳, “Iron Fist”) is a fighting video game franchise created, developed, and published by Namco (later Bandai Namco Entertainment). Beginning with the original Tekken in December 1994, the series has received several sequels as well as updates and spin-off titles. Tekken was one of the first fighting games at the time to use 3D animation.

The premise of each game in the main series documents the events of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, hosted by the Mishima Zaibatsu. The prize is typically control of the company, which allows the winner to host the following tournament. After beating the game with each character, an ending cutscene is unlocked and usually one of the endings from each game becomes the continuation of the story into the following installment. The story has largely revolved around the Mishima clan curse, which began narratively with Heihachi Mishima throwing his son Kazuya Mishima from a cliff when he was five years old. Kazuya was nearly killed from the fall, but through the influence of the “Devil Gene” he survived and swore revenge to his father by the time of the King of Iron Fist Tournament.


The TEKKEN WORLD TOUR is an international tournament series for the iconic fighting franchise TEKKEN. With Region-Locked Leaderboards spanning the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, the TEKKEN WORLD TOUR will qualify the best TEKKEN players from each region into the TEKKEN WORLD TOUR Finals.

Master Events:
Compete for prizes and Ranking Points against top tier competition at these tent-pole events. Master Events are open bracket tournaments. You must be from that event’s region to earn points on the regional leaderboard.

Challenger Events:
Put your mettle to the test at Challenger events to earn Ranking Points against local competition. Challenger events are open bracket tournaments. You must be from that event’s region to earn points on the regional leaderboard.

Online Events:
Take the battle online! Participate in regional online events from the comfort of your own home, and lay the smackdown to online warriors everywhere. Online events are open bracket, region-locked entry tournaments.

Evo Championship Series:
Test your skills at the largest fighting game event in the world. Featuring the highest level of competition from around the globe, the winner of Evo will automatically qualify for the World Finals. Evo is an open bracket tournament.

Fight to be the Regional Champion! Taking place in each of the three regions (Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific), the winner of these events will walk away with the highest tier of Ranking Points and extra prize money. Regionals are open bracket, region-locked entry tournaments.

It all comes down to this! 16 players enter the final battle to see who will be crowned World Champion and take home a huge pay day. The breakdown of the 16 players is as follows: top 5 from each regional leaderboard (total 15) & winner of EVO.

Tekken News

  • Tekken 7, ‘Online Challenge’ Returns 2021 with Bigger Prize Pool
    The summer is going to get a whole lot hotter with the official return of the TEKKEN Online Challenge for 2021 and with ASTRO Gaming joining the action as the official headset and mixamp partner of this year’s TEKKEN Online Challenge. The popular online tournament series is back and bigger than ever as more TEKKEN 7 players from around the world can now participate in 14 different regions spanning the globe to fight for the chance to take home a part of over $100,000.00 ...
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  • Evo is returning this year as Evo Online
    Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (“SIE”) and RTS, a new venture born out of Endeavor’s esports business, announced that they have acquired the assets and properties of the Evolution Championship Series (“Evo”), the world’s largest fighting game event, from Triple Perfect, Inc., through a joint venture esports partnership. Through this new partnership, Tony and Tom Cannon, co-founders of Evo, will continue to be closely involved as key advisors to ensure that Evo remains a one-of-a-kind, grassroots competitive platform for fighting game players ...
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  • Tekken 7, Karateka Lidia and a new stage
    Lidia Sobieska will be joining the fray in TEKKEN 7 as the last character of the Season Pass 4 on March 23. Lidia has always been an upright and resolute woman. She believes that justice requires absolute power, which is why she has shown great interest in karate from a very young age. The loss of her father stoked her interest in the family tradition of politics. Lidia showed great qualities in both areas, entering and winning her first karate world ...
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  • Tekken 7, Fourth season pass trailed by trailer
    As part of the Season Pass 4, two new DLCs will come up for the acclaimed fighting game which has just passed 6 million sold copies worldwide. On home console versions, the whole franchise now surpassed 50 Million sold units worldwide. DLC 16 will add Kunimitsu to the fight! Her last official appearance in a TEKKEN game was in TEKKEN 2. Her return will surely excite fans looking to wield her Manji Ninjutsu skills in battle! With DLC 17, players will get the opportunity to ...
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  • Red Bull’s Class in Session: Anakin’s TEKKEN Academy’s Fifth Episode
    The fifth episode of Red Bull’s Class in Session: Anakin’s TEKKEN Academy is available now, giving students the opportunity to learn fighting game techniques and strategies from one of the world’s best TEKKEN players, Hoa “Anakin” Luu. Students can tune in at Red Bull Gaming on YouTube to view the new episode as well as ones from the previous weeks. This new episode focuses on adapting and improving your decision-making during a match. As the head teacher at TEKKEN Academy, Anakin is able to pull from ...
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