Tekken 7, ‘Online Challenge’ Returns 2021 with Bigger Prize Pool

The summer is going to get a whole lot hotter with the official return of the TEKKEN Online Challenge for 2021 and with ASTRO Gaming joining the action as the official headset and mixamp partner of this year’s TEKKEN Online Challenge. The popular online tournament series is back and bigger than ever as more TEKKEN 7 players from around the world can now participate in 14 different regions spanning the globe to fight for the chance to take home a part of over $100,000.00 in prizes and cash provided by Bandai Namco Entertainment and ASTRO Gaming!

The TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021 season will comprise of each region hosting one Masters event and one Regional Final event where competitors will come together online to hold furious TEKKEN battles at the highest levels. Also making a return for 2021 are Dojo community events through the introduction of a new online TEKKEN 7 Tournament Portal so that community members can organize events as an official part of the TEKKEN Online Challenge season. The TEKKEN 7 Tournament Portal can be accessed here: https://www.bandainamcoent.com/tekken-world-tour

Lastly, in an effort to get all players and fans prepared and on a level fighting stage, a new TEKKEN 7 balance update will go live on May 27th. Players and fans can learn more about the upcoming balancing patch by following the TEKKEN 7 Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/TekkenEU/  the TEKKEN 7 Twitter channel: https://twitter.com/tekken, or by visiting the official TEKKEN 7 website: https://tk7.tekken.com/.

*ASTRO Gaming are matching the $50,000+ prize pool from Bandai Namco Entertainment, for the Online Challenge Season bringing the total cash prizing to over $100,000. ASTRO Gaming is the official headset and mixamp partner, and merchandise prizing sponsor for the TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021 season, providing over $25,000 in Custom Headset and Apparel for tournament and award winners!