Overwatch Legendary Edition Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Experience the feature-complete version of Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed team-based shooter at home or on the go, with new gyroscopic motion controls.

Players get a three-month Nintendo Switch Online membership with their purchase and a Golden Loot Box as a log-in bonus for a limited time*

For Nintendo Switch gamers around the world—Overwatch® Legendary Edition has arrived!

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British Esports Association, How to build your own gaming PC Video

British Esports Association’s Schools & Colleges Liaison Officer, Elliot Bond on how to build a PC.

Elliot runs through everything in this handy 20-minute video guide, from installing the motherboard to the CPU, graphics card, power supply and more.

Please note: do read the description below the video on YouTube as there’s more info on the parts and timestamps and other info in there.… Read the rest

Nerd Street Gamers, hosting CS:GO & Apex Legends tournaments

Nerd Street Gamers, the national esports infrastructure company dedicated to powering competitive opportunities for gamers, announced today it will host a National Championship Series (NCS) Minor for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) at the inaugural Player Omega, a first-of-its-kind live fully participatory event celebrating the esports and gaming lifestyle, on November 9-10 at the Fairplex in Pomona, Calif.… Read the rest

EGX 2019 – European Regional Final: Live Stream and Event Information

Regional Final: EGX 2019 – European Regional Final

The second of the season’s Regional Final events is coming your way this weekend! EGX 2019 – European Regional Final is being held in London, UK from October 18th through 20th. Many top players will be competing. Being a Regional Final, the structure of the event is a bit different from other Premier Events so check out those details below and be sure to tune in to watch it this weekend using the live stream!… Read the rest

Overwatch Contenders in 2020 Preview

Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch Contenders program has been vital in the growth of competitive Overwatch talent from all over the world. We’ve seen former Contenders players from regions such as Australia, North America, South America, South Korea, China, and Europe rise into the Overwatch League with incredible success. However, we are always looking to improve.… Read the rest

2020 Overwatch League Schedule

By Blizzard Entertainment

We recently shared some high-level details about what next season will look like for the Overwatch League, and today we’re excited to share the 2020 schedule—so you can start planning your weekends, your time off, your vacations, your road trips, and your viewing parties!

With matches in 19 cities around the world, there will be many chances to join us for a match in 2020.

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RLCS 8 Pre-Jump: Week 2

By Ian Nowakowski

Just like a flash, Week 2 of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) has come and gone. But, it’s left plenty to talk about in its wake! We’re here to catch you up if you missed it or to offer you a bite-sized recap to get you ready for Week 3.… Read the rest

PUBG Classic Championship Gear is Available

The three PUBG Classics of 2019 –the FACEIT Global Summit, GLL Grand Slam, and MET Asia Series—gave us three different champions and those champions now have limited edition in-game items available for esports fans looking to celebrate some of the top performing teams of the year.

Available until October 23, the collection of PUBG Classic Championship Items includes:

The FACEIT Global Summit went down as the first international event on the PUBG Esports calendar and offered a signature battle royale moment, before OP Gaming Rangers took the crown with their steady play.… Read the rest

PUBG Mobile, “Halloweeks” update

PUBG MOBILE released the full version 0.15.0 content including new firearms and vehicles, new features and the updated Survive Till Dawn – Halloween Mode and more coming. Players can skydive into the latest update for free on the App Store and Google Play.

New features have been added to all PUBG MOBILE maps and game types as part of the 0.15.0 content update, including:

  • BRDM-2 Amphibious Armored Vehicle – Players can travel on both land and sea with this flare gun-exclusive tank, which reduces damage taken
  • Ledge Grab – The highly anticipated ledge grab feature now allows players to climb and clamber buildings to reach previously-inaccessible places for new kinds of combat
  • Desert Eagle – This new weapon with the highest damage and muzzle velocity out of all pistols deals a daunting 62 damage per bullet and is ready for Red Dot, Holo Sight, Laser Sight and magazine attachments
  • Fuel Drums – All vehicle gasoline containers found around the maps can be exploded by shooting several bullets at them
  • Graffiti – Players can make their mark on the battlefield with up to four types of graffiti
  • Firearm Improvements and balances – The M16A4, Vector, UMP45 and MK47 Mutant have all been adjusted with new attachments, ammo types and carrying capacities, along with other performance and graphics fixes.
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Audeze LCD-1, “Compact reference headphone” is out

Audeze, the leading high-end audio headphone manufacturer, announced a new reference audio headphone, the Audeze LCD-1. Available for $399, this headphone combines Audeze’s renowned planar magnetic technology with a new lightweight foldable design. Handcrafted in California, USA, the LCD-1 has been meticulously engineered to provide unmatched audio within a compact, travel friendly package perfect for industry professionals and audiophiles.… Read the rest

PUBG Season 5, Miramar updates and Survivor Pass: Badlands

PUBG Corporation has revealed the next release of seasonal content; Season 5 and Survivor Pass: Badlands! The season begins with Update 5.1, which features improvements to Miramar, including updated loot, map objects, terrain, and a static scope on the map-themed Win94 repeater rifle.

Players also now have a new way to assist their allies and take down their enemies with the new item throwing mechanics.… Read the rest

XSplit Gamecaster Hits Version 4

SplitmediaLabs, pioneers of innovative software for video game recording and streaming, are excited to announce XSplit Gamecaster V4, the easiest way to capture and share PC and console gameplay, will be available as a free download.

Download XSplit Gamecaster V4 for Windows PC at: https://www.xsplit.com/gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster V4 is rebuilt from the ground up as the next-gen solution for aspiring content creators to easily record and stream professional-looking video to share on popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook at the click of a button.… Read the rest