FaZe Clan, Astounding Viewership Numbers & Six New Members

 FaZe Clan, the world’s most prominent gaming organization, announced last week over the course of five days, the six winners of the #FaZe5 challenge: Faxuty, VIRUS, Nio, FleaK1nG  and Scope. The challenge, which started in September 2020 attracted more than 211,000 applicants from around the world, which is more than double the amount of applicants the most applied-to college in the US receives annually (source).

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Aquatik Esports, Pro Esports Feeder Initiative & Big Time College Tournament

Aquatik Esports is pleased to introduce the Aquatik Alliance, its newest initiative providing established esports organizations a place to scout and develop new talent. Led by industry-leading executives, Rob Borm from Game Informer and Andrew Bouley from Horizon Cloud Extended Reality, this initiative enables players of all skill sets access to competitive tournaments while also enabling pro esports organizations access to talent.… Read the rest