Ignite: Halo European Open

Official HCS

Last year the final official HCS tournament for Halo 5: Guardians, and kicked off the HCS Grassroots program as part of our efforts to lay the groundwork and solidify the foundation of Halo esports for the future. In the six months since the program launched, we’ve seen incredible support from the community – from fans, to content creators, to tournament organizers, and everyone in between.… Read the rest

The Halo Outpost Discovery Experience


CLX partners with Microsoft to bring the Halo video game universe to life through the Halo Outpost Discovery.  A larger than life, multi-day event designed to immerse fans in all things Halo, the Halo Outpost Discovery will feature a variety of immersive themed attractions, including experiencing Halo Reach for the first time on a CLX gaming computer.… Read the rest

Halo 3 Settings Update

Official HCS

For the HCS Invitational at SXSW, we’re planning to make some minor changes but we’re looking for your help in collecting data and providing feedback. With Oddball on Guardian and King of the Hill on Construct, we’ve been noticing many “dead man walkingscenarios where, at the end of the game, one team is so far ahead that it’s mathematically impossible for the other team to come back.… Read the rest

HCS Invitational at SXSW

By Official HCS

Let the Halo 3 good times roll on! Last week, the first HCS Grassroots-sponsored event – the Halo Classic by UGC, took place and we saw the community come out en masse to support Halo esports. We watched a giant open bracket whittle down to just a handful of teams as the competition grew fiercer with every match.… Read the rest

Halo Championship Series 2019 Announcements

By Official HCS

In November, we kicked off the HCS Grassroots program and the response from the community thus far has been immense. Almost 500 applications (and counting) are currently being reviewed for content creators and tournament organizers alike. Additionally, the first HCS Grassroots-supported event, the Halo Classic by UGC, is shaping up to be the biggest Halo event in recent years with over 128 team passes sold.… Read the rest

HCS Finals 2018 Preview

Halo Championship Series

A little over three years ago, Halo 5: Guardians launched worldwide. Over that time, the game has evolved in surprising ways, and provided competitive Halo fans with an incredible wealth of storylines, whether controversial or comical, incredible or unforgettable. It was never going to be easy to live up to the legendary lineage of competition established throughout the Halo franchise, but Halo 5 brought an excitement and level of team competition we hadn’t seen in many years.… Read the rest

HaloWC 2018 Finals Recap

By Official HCS

The Halo World Championship 2018 Finals marked an undeniable milestone in the annuls of Halo esports. Several elements came together to culminate in an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. A marvelous host city. A fantastic venue. A brilliant partnership. A legendary legacy. A collection of the best players and teams in the world.… Read the rest

HaloWC 2018 Finals Sunday Recap


Congratualtions to Splyce your 2018 Halo World Champions! The Halo World Championship 2018 Finals are in the book! After an incredible weekend of incredible Halo esports action that saw the sixteen best teams from around the globe battle it out, the all-conquering quartet of Shotzzy, Renegade, Eco, and StelluR take home the title after a dominating sweep of the defending world champs, TOX Gaming.… Read the rest

HaloWC 2018 Finals Preview

Official HCS

Final Boss. Instinct. StK. Names etched in the minds of Halo esports fans as dominant forces, title winners, and legends. These squads were helmed by heroes and inspired a generation of Spartans eager to go from couch to Coliseum. Big names are forged on big stages, and in the world of competitive Halo, there are none bigger than the Halo World Championship.… Read the rest

HaloWC 2018 Columbus Finals Recap

By Official HCS

The HaloWC 2018 Columbus Finals not only featured a ridiculous slate of top North American esports talent, but also represented a preview of the incredible action awaiting Halo fans at the big dance next month. The intimate MLG Arena played host to a raucous crowd that was treated to intense action match after match, and viewers online were never at a loss for high-level play to take in as well, as both main and featured gameplay streams provided a steady flow of excitement.… Read the rest

HaloWC 2018 Columbus Finals Preview

Official HCS

With the rest of the world’s regional finals all in the books, eyes turn back towards North America where the final pieces to the puzzle will fall into place. Just nine spots remain for this year’s Halo World Championship, and they’ll all be claimed this weekend, March 23-25 at the HaloWC 2018 Columbus Finals in the MLG Arena.… Read the rest

HaloWC 2018 Mexico City Finals Recap

By Official HCS

Open to teams in Mexico and South America, the HaloWC 2018 Mexico City Finals was a showcase not only of top-level Halo talent in the LATAM region, but also of the brilliant and passionate excitement these fans have for the Halo franchise itself. The turnout at the event certainly reflected these notions, with an outstanding increase in both participants and spectators alike over last year’s festivities.… Read the rest

HaloWC Mexico City Finals Preview

Official HCS

After stellar stops in Orlando, London, and Sydney, the Halo World Championship tour heads to the home of one of Halo’s most passionate fanbases – Mexico City. The region’s best teams and players will descend upon the Corona Forum with only the last squad standing punching their ticket to the HaloWC Finals in Seattle on April 13-15.… Read the rest