Quake Pro League – From QuakCon 2019 until QuakeCon 2020

FACEIT, the leading competitive gaming platform and organizers of some of the largest esports events in Europe and North America are pleased to reveal that they will be running the brand new Quake Pro League from August 2019 through to August 2020 from the cutting edge FACEIT Studio in London. The Quake Pro League kicks off at QuakeCon 2019 and will see 20 pre-selected players face off in a year-long linear tournament structure with multiple opportunities for Champions to rise and rivalries to form.… Read the rest

Quake Champions esports returns to DreamHack Winter 2018

Quake Champions

Quake Champions esports returns to Jönköping, Sweden as DreamHack Winter 2018 announces not one, but two major tournaments taking place at the world’s largest LAN party & computer festival.

Running from November 30 to December 2, the 2018 Quake Champions Invitational will feature long-time Quake veterans competing amongst fresh faces to the scene both the Duel and 2v2 events.… Read the rest

Quake Champions, June update adds Bots

Quake Champions continues to evolve and grow in Early Access thanks to the feedback from the community, and this month’s update is no exception. Live today, the game’s June update introduces innovative features that will make it faster and easier for friends to jump in and get good together, including the launch of one of the community’s most requested features – Bots.… Read the rest

Quake Champions, April’s update is full of grace, cybernetic war dogs

Quake Champions’ April update springs into action, bringing fresh features and content to the best FPS players in the world. Among the additions – Quake’s quintessential villain, the cybernetic war dog Strogg, joins the fray as a new Champion; a new Cthalha-themed map offers a fresh arena to master; and a blast from the past revives that fragging feeling as the Quake III Arena’s flesh-chewing Plasma Gun returns.… Read the rest