Heroes of the Storm: MechaStorm II and Chen rework

MechaStorm II reactivate! The Xenotech invasion, led by Mecha Malthael, threatens the Nexus once again with the goal of destroying Neo-Stormwind. Heroes of the Storm players can stand together with Mecha Valla and Mecha Yrel of MechaStorm to help put Xenotech’s devious plans to a halt. But first, you’ll need to choose your side and equipment:

  • New Mecha Yrel Skin
  • New Mecha Valla Skin
  • New Xenotech Malthael Skin
  • New Seraph Wing Mount

To do battle, players will need to complete the MechaStorm II Quest.… Read the rest

Heroes of the Storm, Imperius is Now Live

The Archangel of Valor, Imperius, is ready to defend the Nexus. The leader of the Angiris Council is now live in Heroes of the Storm!
Imperius is a melee Warrior who specializes in engaging enemies and setting up his teammates for big combos. With angelic might, he commands the battlefield by leading by example and getting into the thick of things.… Read the rest

Heroes of the Storm, what’s new

At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard  was excited to welcome an all-new Hero—the first ever Nexus-born Hero—as well as a number of exciting gameplay updates.

New Hero – Orphea: Heir to the mighty Raven Lord, our first Nexus-born Hero is a ranged Assassin who moves gracefully around the battlefield, brimming with youthful energy and powerful chaotic magic.… Read the rest

Heroes of the Storm, Sally Whitemane is live

The Scarlet Monastery’s High Inquisitor has arrived to purge the Nexus of undeath—Sally Whitemane is now live in Heroes of the Storm! Always looking for an edge over her foes, Whitemane’s an aggressive priest who heals allies by damaging her enemies.
If healing allies by smiting your foes as Sally Whitemane isn’t enough action for you, the paramilitary outfit Viper has been unleashed in the Nexus.… Read the rest

HGC – Destination: Korea

Blizzard Entertainment

The Eastern Clash is here! The newly erected Paradise City resort in Incheon, Korea will host the top four Heroes of the Storm teams from both HGC China and HGC Korea in an epic competition. $100,000 in prize money will be up for grabs, along with the Eastern Clash trophy and international bragging rights.… Read the rest

HGC – Destination: Los Angeles

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Arena will play host to the first Western Clash in North America! The top four Heroes of the Storm teams from both Europe and North America will convene in sunny California to crown a new champion and dole out another $100,000 in prize money.

Team Dignitas are poised to take home the hardware yet again, but North America’s HeroesHearth Esports have been looking up to snuff as well.… Read the rest

Heroes of the Storm, ‘Warchrome Wastes’ event highlights the newest patch

A new Heroes of the Storm patch is now live, bringing new updates to the Nexus—including the Warchrome Wastes event, Hero reworks, and more!

Welcome to the Warchrome Wastes

The Warchrome Wastes make up a gritty wasteland located at the farthest reaches of the Nexus. To ensure you’re ready for this hellish new landscape, new skins and a new mount are also now available: Vile Azmodan, Diesel Speaker Nazeebo, Roadraider Raynor, and the Helldorado Speeder Bike.… Read the rest

The Warcraft universe comes to Heroes of the Storm

The Warcraft universe has come to the Nexus in a big way with the arrival of Alterac Pass, live on the Heroes of the Storm PTR! This new three-lane battleground is inspired by the iconic World of Warcraft battleground Alterac Valley.

In additional, we’re welcoming a new Warcraft Hero to the fray—Yrel, the first-ever Draenei to enter the Nexus.… Read the rest

HGC – Focus Down: the Playoffs

Dylan Walker, Blizzard Entertainment

There is only one route to the Mid-Season Brawl remaining now for all regions, and that is winning through the HGC Playoff bracket this weekend. The stepladder format will see the winners of the initial matches described below play the next team above them in the standings.… Read the rest

Heroes of the Dorm Heroic Four

Blizzard Entertainment

Since late February, more than 300 universities in North America have been battling it out in Blizzard Entertainment’s premier collegiate esports tournament – Heroes of the Dorm – for a chance to win the grand prize: tuition for the rest of their collegiate careers. Now, after months of intense competition, four universities are all one step closer to becoming Heroes of the Dorm champions and will be joining fans for the Heroic Four at the Blizzard Arena – Los Angeles on May 12.… Read the rest

Heroes of the Dorm Round of 16 Recap

Blizzard Entertainment

The Round of 16 in Heroes of the Dorm saw giant-killers halted, dreams thwarted, and some truly remarkable matches.

After a stunning performance in the Round of 32, Carleton fell to Cal in a nail biter of a series. This week also saw the end of the crowd favorite UQTR being defeated by the dominant UCI team.… Read the rest

HGC Digest Week 9: Return of the Kings

Aaron Blackman – Blizzard Entertainment

Since winning the HGC Finals at BlizzCon, KSV Black have played second fiddle to the likes of Tempest and Ballistix in HGC Korea. They began 2018 by losing to Tempest 0-3 and since then, have held onto 3rd or 2nd place in the standings. At the Eastern Clash, Ballistix came back from the bottom bracket to defeat KSV Black 4-3 in the Grand Finals, creating another setback for the 2017 champions.… Read the rest