A1 eSports League Austria, international Project Cars 2 competition

Hans Oelschlägel, ESL Gaming

While primarily an Austrian competition, the A1 eSports League Austria is set to include an international competition to find the Rallycross champion in Project Cars 2. Players from all over Europe are welcome to compete, so we’ve summarized the qualification process and tournament structure for everyone that’s interested in showcasing their skills

Tournament Format

  • Platform: PC + PS4
  • General structure: Online qualifiers, with LAN final for the Top 16 drivers from Europe.
  • 8 open qualifiers per platform
  • Rallycross Mode
  • Players can earn points based on their rankings
  • After the 8th open qualifier the top 6 drivers per platform directly qualify for the LAN final (6+6, giving us 12 drivers)
  • After the 8th open qualifier, there will be 1 Wildcard qualifier per platform, which will be organised only for Austrians. The top 2 players from each platform will also qualify for the LAN event to complete the line-up.


There have already been three open qualifiers in the recent weeks, with more coming up on the following dates:

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Sponsored by Samsung and Techbold, the A1 eSports League Austria is ready to determine it’s contenders. For more detailed information about the league, be sure to check out the official website and stay in touch via the A1 eSports League Austria Facebook page.