Compete in the Halo FFA Tournament at DreamHack Denver

ESL Gaming

We are fast approaching DreamHack Denver, where any player with entry to the event will be eligible to compete in the Free-For-All Tournament. Participants will compete for a share of the $5,000 prize pool and for the title of DreamHack Denver 2017 FFA Champion.

Tickets are still available for DreamHack Denver, so be sure to buy a pass if you want to compete in the FFA! Remember that any 3-Day Visitor Pass or Halo Team Pass will allow you to register for the FFA tournament.


Registration for the FFA Tournament will take place on-site at DreamHack Denver at Expo Hall on Saturday morning from 9AM-10:30AM and will reach capacity at 288 players.

After registering, players will be allowed to begin warming up around 9:30AM. The tournament will begin at 11AM on Saturday and will run until one winner is crowned champion that evening.

HCS FFA Format

Players will compete a single elimination bracket in 12 minute games with six players per game. Games will rotate between two maps: Truth and Regret. There will be two games per round, and players will earn points based on their placing in each game.

The top three players with the most points will advance to the next round. Finals will be decided in one game on Truth.


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