Critical Ops will be played at the Amazon Mobile Masters

A mobile esports title Critical Ops will be played in June 23rd – 24th at the Amazon Mobile Masters live tournament in Seattle, United States. The developers of Critical Ops, a Finnish game company Critical Force will use this opportunity to unveil their new Spectator Client for the game in the event.

Critical Ops is now getting a Spectator Client for tournament use. The first time this client will be seen in action will be in Amazon Mobile Masters.

“Spectator Client provides viewers a complete overview of the match. It also helps shoutcasters commentate and create stories around the games. Viewers will have real-time information about the weapon composition and economy of both teams as well as player positioning on the map,” says Critical Force Community and eSports Manager Kasperi Kivistö.

The participating Critical Ops teams have now been announced. A total of six teams will compete for the main prize. Teams attending the Critical Ops tournament at Amazon Mobile Masters event are CSPG, Dynasty, Gankstars, Hammers Esports, Nova Esports and SetToDestroyX. CSPG is representing the Asian region in the tournament. Dynasty, Nova Esports and SetToDestroyX will be representing Europe – Nova Esports being the regional champion from Premier League Winter Season. Gankstars and Hammers Esports are the North American teams in the tournament. Gankstars has dominated the North American region for a long time and it will be interesting to see if other teams can challenge them in a live environment.

The teams will be divided into two groups in the tournament. They will battle in a Best of One Group Phase on Saturday 23rd of June. The top two teams from each group will be seeded into single elimination semi-finals played in Best of Three format on Sunday, June 24th.

Mobile Masters Seattle
Mobile Masters is a popular mobile gaming tournament for amateur and professional esports players. The 2018 event will take place in Seattle from June 23rd to 24th and will be broadcast from Amazon’s new state-of-the-art streaming studio. This year’s Mobile Masters will include the popular core mobile games, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, Survival Arena, World of Tanks Blitz, and Critical Ops. The best players in these games will compete over the course of two days for a share of the $100,000 prize pool. For more information on rules and qualifiers as well as details and updates about all livestreams and broadcasts, visit .

Critical Force
Critical Force is a game developer from Finland focusing on competitive multiplayer games for mobile. The company’s first game is a mobile FPS title Critical Ops. It has been downloaded over 38 million times and over one million people play this pioneering mobile esports game every day. The company received a $4.5 million seed investment from Korean game publisher conglomerate NHN Entertainment in 2016. Critical Force has offices in Finland and South-Korea. Critical Force was also awarded the best Finnish game developer of 2016.