CWL November Update



OpTic Gaming, Red Reserve, and Mindfreak took home wins during the second CWL 2K of the season – the largest CWL 2K Tournament by participants in Call of Duty esports history. This is coming off an extremely strong first week, where OpTic Gaming, Splyce, and Mindfreak win their regions’ CWL 2K off of a bracket seeded by their CWL Pro Points accumulated from last season.

We’ve only got one more CWL 2K to go this upcoming weekend before points are locked for the CWL Dallas Open and pools are selected. Who will cement their place in pool play and who will slip to the open bracket? No matter what, Dallas is shaping up to be a can’t-miss event.


We’re thrilled to announce that the CWL New Orleans Open is expanding! The MLG team has heard your feedback on Dallas team passes and immediately got to work to lock down additional equipment for CWL New Orleans so that we can accommodate more teams. The updated Open Bracket will now hold 256 teams, bumping the overall team total (including teams from Pool Plays) to 272 teams!

These additional team passes will go on sale after the Thanksgiving weekend on Tuesday, November 28th at 1pm ET/10am PT. We’re also working on some site stability fixes that should see the purchase experience improving.


With the increase in CWL 2K registration and attendance, we’re planning on moving the last rounds of our largest tournaments to Monday nights to help limit the amount of time teams are expected to play.

  • All tournaments with under 256 teams will play through the entire tournament on Sunday.
  • For tournaments with 256-511 teams, the Semi-Finals and Finals will take place on Monday.
  • For tournaments with 512+ teams, the Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals will take place on Monday.

Matches taking place on Monday will begin at 8PM EST, 8PM GMT, and 8PM AEST, in each of the 3 respective regions.


As soon as the CWL 2K events on November 26th/27th wrap up, Pro Points for the CWL Dallas Open will be locked and the top teams based on accumulated CWL Pro Points will be picked for the Pool Draw, from the following regions:

  • Top 10 NA teams
  • Top 5 EU teams
  • Top APAC team

The Dallas Pool draw will air on Wednesday, November 29th at 2pm ET / 11am PT


In an effort to broadcast as many matches as possible, we’ll have an observer-only (non-casted) Charlie stream live for the CWL Dallas Open. Our broadcast is taking some cues from last season’s CWL Champs, where the MLG broadcast team will have the ability on the Alpha channel to hop to different games, depending on where the action is. That being said, we know that dedicated streams of games are preferred by some fans, and we’re happy to deliver where we can.


There’s still time to grab your spectator pass for CWL Dallas, while supplies last!

General Admission:

Premium Pass: See you there!