CWL Pro League Stage 1 Division B Week 2 Roundup

Call of Duty World League Pro League

The 2018 Call of Duty World League Pro League, presented by PlayStation 4, had notable highlights during Division B’s second week of play. While Luminosity Gaming (1st, 6-1, 19-6) and Team EnVyUs’ (2nd, 6-1, 18-8) wins dominate community discussion, Division B’s other six teams produced standout plays throughout the week.

Here is a roundup of some of the best moments from these teams over the past week of Pro League play:

Veteran Talent Shines on FaZe, Splyce, and Evil Geniuses

Although Luminosity Gaming and Team EnVyUs sit on top of the CWL Pro League Division B standings, the trio of FaZe, Splyce, and Evil Geniuses are still in the hunt for a playoff berth. With only four playoff spots available, five teams have emerged as favorites to move on.

Due to their success over their first two weeks, FaZe Clan (3rd, 5-2, 18-10) may play spoiler in LG and EnVy’s race for first place when Division B resumes. Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto had one of the team’s greatest moments of the week as he powered his way through Unilad Esports (6th, 3-4, 12-14).

Splyce’s (4th, 3-4, 15-13) highlight of the week was not specific to one member of the team but rather a collective effort from the squad across a full series. Splyce snapped themselves out of a losing streak by annihilating Evil Geniuses (5th, 3-4, 10-16) in their final game of the week; taking the series 3-0 in a clean sweep.

Evil Geniuses will enter the mid-Stage 1 break bruised by Splyce; however, the team took two wins during the week. One of the team’s notable victories came in a 3-0 sweep over eUnited (7th, 2-5, 10-17), where veteran Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyazkov had a dominant performance in Search and Destroy.

Unilad, eUnited and Epsilon Show Signs of Potential

Although Unilad, eUnited and Epsilon sit at the bottom of Division B’s standings, all three teams produced memorable moments during the second week of Division B’s CWL Pro League competition.

Unilad Esports earned a statement win over FaZe Clan (3-2) during the week. Unilad later bested Epsilon Esports (8th, 0-7, 4-21) in a dominant 3-1 series victory that included a phenomenal set of rotations on the series’ final Hardpoint that held Epsilon to 41 points.

eUnited’s point of pride for the week comes from Justin “SiLLY” Fargo-Palmer, who made an incredibly clutch Capture the Flag play on Ardennes Forest.

At the bottom of the Division B standings, Epsilon has yet to win a CWL Pro League series, but still showed flashes of brilliance. David “Dqvee” Davies wowed viewers with a strong performance on London Docks against FaZe in Capture the Flag, proving his team wouldn’t provide easy series victories for the rest of Division B.

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