ECS Season 7 Premium Pass Holders on Twitch

FACEIT and Genvid Technologies have teamed up to provide exclusive interactive experiences for ECS Season 7 Premium Pass subscribers watching the Finals on Available as a one-off purchase of $6.99, the ECS Season 7 Premium Pass gives users access to an interactive HUD, pro stats, advanced minimap and more – all from within the Twitch web player, offering CS:GO fans the most interactive viewing experience yet. Viewers can sign up through the FACEIT TV Twitch channel for a one-off purchase or via Twitch Prime.

Subscribers will have access to 11 channels with stats and tactics information, player POV cameras, interviews, and an Interactive HUD with multiple functionalities, including an interactive clapping feature for your favorite players. The channels are powered by Genvid with stats provided by StatsHelix and premium subscribers will have access to premium-only chat rooms, and exclusive chat emojis.

Previously debuted at the FACEIT London Major in Fall of 2018, the Premium Pass experience powered by Genvid is returning once again, offering more content and new groundbreaking ways for fans to engage with FACEIT content. Viewers on all 11 channels will be able to clap for their favorite players, creating not only a visual fire-effect on their own personal view, but one that is shared across all viewers on all 11 premium channels. Additionally, this cheering information is being fed into analytical tools that the FACEIT broadcast team leverage in their commentary, sharing with all viewers, even on non-premium channels, a real-time snapshot of the Premium Pass fan support.

Says J. Eckert, Director of Partnerships for Genvid: “Our new cheering functionality creates a first of its kind experience, allowing viewers at home to feel as if they are really there, and to participate in the shared excitement of a cheering crowd as their favorite players fight to be crowned the ECS Season 7 Champions.”

Michele Attisani, CBO & Co-Founder of FACEIT said: “We always want to provide fans with new ways to follow and support the players they love. We’re thrilled to offer our audience new innovative and interactive viewing opportunities and we see the ECS Premium Pass as the next phase in the evolution of traditional esports content.”

The ECS Season 7 Finals take place from June 6th-9th and Tickets can be purchased here.

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