ESL Pro League Season 6 finals are heading to Odense, Denmark!

ESL Gaming

We are happy to announce that season 6 finals of ESL Pro League are heading to Odense, Denmark, this December! On December 8-10, the Sparekassen Fyn Arena will welcome thousands of CS:GO fans to witness world-class CS:GO as the teams battle for the ESL Pro League Season 6 championship and a US$1,000,000 prize pool. This tournament win will count towards the Intel Grand Slam.

ESL Pro League is the longest running professional CS:GO league in history. its sixth season will kick off on August 22 and continue with seven weeks of online play (find the full schedule here). 12 best teams, 6 from Europe and 6 from North America, will qualify for the season finals which will begin on December 5-6 with group stage matches.

“We are looking forward to bringing the Pro League CS:GO Finals to a completely new location and a brand new gaming expo”, said Ken Hershman, Commissioner and Executive Chairman of WESA. “With this year’s Pro League Finals being held in two outstanding locations, both rich with fans known to have a big passion for esports and CS:GO, we are expecting a truly exciting year for the league.”

“Hosting one of the main esports events in the world is a great opportunity to show the city of Odense to a global audience,” said Peter Rahbæk Juel, Mayor of Odense. “In Odense, esport has been an integrated part of our understanding for sports in a long time and is perfectly combined with our key business focuses within technology. With this event, we create a unique platform to market Odense as a city at the forefront of creating jobs and modern industries such as drones, IT and our international robotic cluster Odense Robotics”.

“It is a worldwide event that comes to Odense and we are absolutely thrilled and prepared,” said Jane Jegind, Deputy Mayor of culture, sport and urban development in the City of Odense. “The city has a growing gaming community where local clubs and associations have embraced esports, and this is a development that the municipality strives to support. Esports and gaming in general, are social activities that bring people together and create a curiosity and interest in new technology and knowledge, that both, Odense and the world need.”

We are thrilled to be bringing top-notch CS:GO to Denmark, a country where so many of the world’s best players come from. We cannot wait to see what the Danish crowd is capable of!

Ticket sales for ESL Pro League Season 6 finals in Odense start on Friday, August 11 at 12pm CEST / 3am PST!