Gambit Esports join the team lineup of IEM Oakland


We are thrilled to announce that the reigning Major champions, Gambit Esports, will be joining us in Oakland for the third event of season 12 of Intel Extreme Masters. Gambit will join FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, SK Gaming, Astralis, Cloud9, Team Liquid and five other teams who will compete for the prestigious IEM trophy and the Oakland championship.

Last 5 LAN results

  • 1st place at the PGL Major Kraków
  • 5-6th place at DreamHack Summer
  • 1st place at DreamHack Austin
  • 2nd place at cs_summit
  • 12-14th place at StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3

Gambit Esports have shown time and time again that they should be considered as one of the top CS:GO teams in Europe. Just in 2017, they had top eight finishes at the ELEAGUE Major, Dreamhack Las Vegas and Dreamhack Summer. They also got second place at cs_summit after losing to SK Gaming in the finals. But their biggest story and success is of course the recent PGL Major Kraków. The team began the tournament by topping the swiss group stage with three wins against, mousesports and G2 Esports, and securing a Legend status for the third time in a row. The first team they Gambit met in the playoffs was FNATIC who were defeated with a 2-0 sweep. The semifinals were a lot more tense as Gambit had to take on reigning major champions, Astralis. All three maps had to be played and the Danes had to suffer defeat. The grand finals came down to Gambit and Immortals which very few people could have predicted. Nevertheless, we saw a thrilling series which also went to all three maps. In the end, it was Gambit Esports who took a 2-1 victory and with it their first ever major championship.

We cannot wait to see what the X-GOD himself and the rest of his team will show us in Oakland! If you want to watch the world’s top CS:GO teams with us in the Oracle Arena be sure to secure yourself a ticket today!