Gfinity Elite Series Need To Know: Week 3


Time flies – we’re already into week three of the Elite Series, and the competition is heating up. Some of our teams have raced out of the blocks, others have stalled on the starting line. Here’s all you need to know for this week.


We begin with first place Infused, yet to lose a match, against third place Endpoint. After a tough loss last week, Endpoint will be out for blood, but Infused have been unstoppable so far this season, barely dropping any games. With Imstilldadaddy celebrating his birthday this week, he’ll be looking to give himself the gift of another strong victory for his team.

Next, Prophecy face Epsilon. Prophecy’s new signing Darkmoonhado proved himself last week with two victories over strong players, and his team sits in second place on the league table. Epsilon, on the other hand, are down in seventh, with losses in their first two weeks. Epsilon has good players like Takamura and Linkexelo, but they need to start putting those wins on the board to stand a chance later in the season.

Bottom of the pack Reason take on last season’s winners exceL in what some are predicting will be a one-sided affair. Despite the odd win here and there, Reason haven’t been able to put the pieces together to get points on the board. If they can’t find a victory over the always-strong exceL, the possibility of Reason winning the Elite Series is essentially over.

Finally, Envy vs Method sees two teams in the middle of the table fight it out. A win here is vital for both teams, helping them solidify their spot in the top half of the league. Watch out for Mr. Crimson vs Luffy, a showdown between two French superstars that’s sure to be an epic.


Top-of-the-table Prophecy take on seventh-place Epsilon in our first match, and all bets have to be on Prophecy continuing their dominant performance. The odds are similarly against Infused as they take on Method. With Infused sitting in last place without a single point to their name, this match is crucial. Method haven’t had the best showing so far this season, but the last thing they want to do is lose to the lowest-ranked team in the competition.

Endpoint vs Team Envy should be an even match between two teams sitting in the middle of the table. Finally, Reason vs exceL is a showdown between two teams both ranked second, with six points each and an equal goal difference. Whoever wins this match could shoot right up into the tops spot, depending on how Prophecy does earlier in the night. Every goal will be crucial to get that GD stat up and potentially secure the #1 position.


Poor exceL haven’t had the best start to the season, despite living and training together, and will be looking to add to their meagre two points in the opening match against fifth-place Infused. Neither team is weak, and this one will depend solely on who is playing better on the day. Next, third-place Reason look to continue their surprise success with a victory over second-place Endpoint, but this will be their toughest challenge yet. Endpoint have two straight wins to their name, with only round difference keeping them from the top spot. Expect another dominating performance.

Our next match has the potential to be a slaughter, as top of the league Epsilon face off with bottom-dwellers Prophecy, the only team without a point to their name. As much as we’d all love to see the underdogs score a massive win, the smart money is on Epsilon solidifying their position at the top. Lastly, Envy vs Method has both teams looking for that important second win of the season. One of them can break out of the middle of the pack, but the other will be stuck there, potentially for the rest of the series. Who will it be?


You can check out the Elite Series live on Twitch! Street Fighter V starts at 6pm Friday, Rocket League 10am Saturday and CS:GO 4pm Saturday (all times BST.)

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