GNation partners with DetonatioN Gaming, Japan’s most prominent eSports team

GNation, a community and an alliance of companies dedicated to elevating the gamer, announced today that it is entering a partnership with leading eSports team DetonatioN Gaming.

By joining forces with Japan’s eSports pioneers, GNation is expanding its involvement in the eSports sphere. Together, GNation and DetonatioN Gaming will work on promoting professional gaming in Japan, as well as in other parts of the world.

DetonatioN Gaming helped establish the eSports scene in Japan, and played a significant role in shaping eSports market and turning it into what it is today. That’s why GNation has recognized this team as a valuable partner who will accelerate its endeavors to bring competitive gaming to a bigger audience. GNation strongly believes that eSports is an integral part of today’s culture, and a phenomenon that will continue to disrupt the gaming industry in years to come.

“In order for eSports culture to grow we need to get more people involved. We’ve worked hard to cultivate this community in Japan and that is something that’s been noticed by the rest of the eSports community. This partnership only proves that we are on the right path and that we should continue with our endeavors,” Umezaki Nobuyuki, CEO of DetonatioN Gaming, said.

“One of GNation’s goals is to foster the progress of competitive gaming. This is why our partnership with DetonatioN Gaming is very significant for us. They strive to put Japan on the global League of Legends map and they have a strong presence in the community. By forming the first full-time professional gaming team in Japan, they showed how devoted they are to pushing the whole league to the next level,” Sergey Sholom, CEO of GNation, said.

GNation plans to get more involved in the eSports landscape, and this partnership is just an initial step in that direction. GNation will cater to the gaming industry in general, but with a focus on competitive gameplay. Moreover, this partnership with DetonatioN Gaming will introduce GNation to Japan’s ever-growing gaming community.

About DetonatioN Gaming
DetonatioN Gaming is the top tier “professional eSports team” in Japan with an extensive experience on worldwide competitions.

DetonatioN Gaming has over 50 players on the team that compete in variety of categories: FPS (Hearthstone, Shadowverse), MOBA (LoL), TPS (PUBG, Splatoon2), Fighting Game (StreetFighterV), Competition Type Action Game (Super Smash Bros.), and many other titles.
With the “League of Legends” department, DetonatioN Gaming organized Japan’s first full time employed team. In March 2016, they obtained the category 3 entertainment visa for eSports Athletes, and since have been receiving a lot of attention as pioneers of professional eSports in Japan.