Heroes Of The Dorm Week 1 Recap

Blizzard Entertainment

On February 7, teams representing universities across North America took their first step towards achieving, glory, and tuition for the rest of their college careers in the first week of Heroes of the Dorm regional play. Here’s a summary of the week:

  • [Florida State University] (FSU) def. [University of Pittsburgh] (Pitt) 2-0 – Match Results
  • [University of North Texas] (UNT) def. [University of California – San Diego] (UCSD) 2-1 – Match Results
  • [Western University] (WU) def. [York University] (YU) 2-1 – Match Results

To see how your school is performing both nationally and in their respective regions, visit HeroesoftheDorm.com, or check out the regional standings and national leaderboard.

Watch live video from Heroes of the Storm on www.twitch.tv