Heroes of the Storm, Sally Whitemane is live

The Scarlet Monastery’s High Inquisitor has arrived to purge the Nexus of undeath—Sally Whitemane is now live in Heroes of the Storm! Always looking for an edge over her foes, Whitemane’s an aggressive priest who heals allies by damaging her enemies.

If healing allies by smiting your foes as Sally Whitemane isn’t enough action for you, the paramilitary outfit Viper has been unleashed in the Nexus. This diabolical organization has recruited some of your favorite Heroes to further their plans to conquer the world. Get to know some of the ruthless members of Viper and see their high-tech new Mount:

  • Deathfang Genji Skin
  • Imperator Stukov Skin
  • Sidewinder Ana Skin
  • Viper Dominator Mount Skin