Latin America HGC Finals Take Over São Paulo This Weekend

Blizzard Entertainment

$10,000 is on the line in São Paulo this weekend as the four remaining Latin American teams compete in a double-elimination bracket for their spot at the HGC Finals in November at BlizzCon. From the southern region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia) the Red Canids will face off against fellow Brazilian squad Black Dragons in the first round.

On the other side of the bracket, Brazil’s Neoblue E-sports will battle 6Sense (formerly Thunder Awakens), the only team at the event representing the northern region (Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Central America).

Juan ‘Jschritte’ Passos from the Red Canids is mostly worried about meeting 6Sense in the final series, even though his team is favored to win the LatAm Finals after having qualified for the last two international LAN events this year.“We don’t know so much about 6Sense. They are always a surprise because we don’t scrim against them,” Jschritte said. “We are confident, though. We’ve had a lot of practice in the last few weeks with good results.”Jschritte and his teammates will be deciphering a new meta with the inclusion of Kel’thuzad, the newest hero in the Nexus. “I don’t think the other teams will play Kel’thuzad,” the flex player said. “He is a strong hero, but I believe the teams still don’t know how to get the most out of him—and, more importantly, they don’t have the confidence to pick him. I do predict that we will see a lot of double support and a high priority on Heroes like E.T.C., though.”

Tune into the action live this weekend starting at 10:00 a.m. PT Sept. 23–24 at (Spanish) and (Portuguese).

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