LuudoFest 2020, Free online gaming festival on December 18th

VY Esports, a content and services platform that bridges the gap between esports and brands, today announced the creation and dates for its digital online gaming festival LuudoFest! Hosted by popular Twitch streamer Sweet Anita, the free online festival will take place on Dec. 18th  from noon to 5 pm and will feature a ton of exciting panels from Twitch celebrities steamers and influencers such as AvaGG,  JustAMinxCarrington Durham and xQc , as well as viewer play sessions, a musical performance by YouTuber celebrity Shawn Wasabi and a world record attempt speedrun of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time by professional gamer Trihex. Additionally, tons of prizes will be given out throughout the event to online attendees.

The festive one-day event will be a hosted completely free on the LUUDO platform and serve as a celebration of all things gaming.  Viewers will be treated to informative panels giving an insider’s look at the culture of steaming games and Esports, participate in gaming seasons with celebrity steamers Sweet Anita and xQc and enter for the chance to win a ton of epic prizes including face time with notable Esport celebrities such as esports luminary David “FaZe Panda” ChenNorth American Collegiate League’s Sahil Pandit and Madden NFL 19 Club Series Champion  Pavan Lakhat, as well as stylish esports merch and even an Xbox Series X!

Those interested in join in on the festivities and locking in their opportunity for the celebrity steamers play sessions and giveaway prizes can register in advance for the event at the LUUDO platform here:

The complete schedule packed with panels, speedruns, giveaways and viewer play sessions can be found below or by visiting the LUUDO platform here:

LuudoFest! 2020 Schedule

12:00 pm PT

12:05 PM PT – Panel Session with Sweet Anita, Carrington Durham and JustAMinx

Bridging the gap between two massive communities, TikTok and Gaming, JustAMinx and Sweet Anita will tell you what it takes to be an influencer, and how gaming has found a niche in a space dominated by music.

12:37 pm PT – Shawn Wasabi

Luudofest attendees are treated to all-new music videos from rising star Shawn Wasabi specifically created for this event. As a gamer himself, Shawn has integrated gaming into his music and videos more than any major artist in recent history, and was recently featured in a major Xbox campaign.

Among Us – Viewer Play Session with Sweet Anita and xQc
12:50 pm PT – Sweet Anita and xQc

An exclusive gaming session hosted by our host Sweet Anita and Twitch’s top variety streamer xQc. But this isn’t your average stream. Our famous participants, along with special guests, will need to juggle their gameplay with rapid-fire questions voted on by the audience using exclusive new Luudo platform features.

1:40 pm PT – Panel Session with Sweet Anita, Adept, AvaGG and QTCinderella

Most games and genres burn brightest before their fans burn out… so how can you stay ahead of the curve and look ahead to the next biggest trends. Sweet Anita, Adept, and QTCinderella dissect what the key ingredients are for the games that ascended to god-like status. Listen today and find out what you will be playing tomorrow. This is a can’t-miss event for every budding streamer.

2:21 pm PT – Panel Session with Sweet Anita and Ryan Morrison

One of Twitch’s biggest up-and-coming talents takes center stage for an intimate discussion about the ins and outs of being a high-profile, professional influencer What are some of the biggest challenges? Where will she take her fame in the future?

2:45 pm PT – Panel with Sweet Anita

Maybe you’re better behind the mic, calling the action… so do you have what it takes to become the next great shoutcaster? Get the scoop from some of the biggest shoutcasters in the community and learn with Sweet Anita as she gets a crash course from today’s top


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Viewer Play Session with Sweet Anita
3:15 pm PT – Play Session

Celebrity talent square off against select LuudoFest fans in two separate sessions featuring the highly popular multiplayer game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. We’ll showcase the unique Luudo feature of connecting viewers and streamers in gaming lobbies while also creating compelling and entertaining content that will surely lead to memorable and shareable content.


Trihex Speedruns Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time
12 pm – 4 pm – Trihex

Twitch’s most famous speedrunning champion, Trihex, goes for the gold in his biggest world record attempt yet, smashing the Crash Bandicoot 4 completion time. Tune in, cheer him on, take part in the polling, win prizes, and be a part of history in the making.