Maingear Gaming PCs available with the Intel 9th Gen Core i9-9900KS

MAINGEAR announced that the all-new Intel® 9th Gen Core i9-9900KS flagship processor is available across its product line of award-winning custom gaming PCs and workstations.

Created to be the ultimate gaming processor, the i9-9900KS features up to 5.0 GHz all-core turbo frequency across 8 cores and 16 threads — gamers looking for the ultimate power boost need look no further. MAINGEAR products featuring the i9-9900KS offer an unmatched level of performance that takes your gaming and streaming experience to the next level!

To celebrate this amazing achievement in processing power, MAINGEAR is offering the i9-9900KS in select desktop configurations, like the award-winning VYBE, with a Limited Edition VYBE 9900KS Edition — in extremely limited quantities. Powered by an 8-core Intel Core i9-9900KS, this special offering is a top-tier gaming machine and the best way to experience the incredible performance the i9-9900KS has to offer. The VYBE 9900KS Edition combines this monstrous processor with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, Asus ROG Ryujin 360 RGB AiO CPU Liquid Cooler with color display that helps users keep temperatures low and all-white VYBE chassis.

Intel® 9th Gen Core i9-9900KS Key Features:

  • The fastest processor yet: Up to 5.0 GHz all-core turbo frequency; up to 4.0 GHz base frequency, which allows games to run faster when they scale across more cores for higher frame rates
  • Extreme performance at the highest level: Eight cores, 16 threads, 127W TDP, 16 MB Intel Smart Cache, and up to 40 platform PCIe lanes
  • Seamless 4K Gaming: Up to 35% more frames per second compared with a 3-year-old PC and up to 17% faster 4K video editing compared with the previous generation and up to 78% faster compared with a 3-year-old PC
  • A Streamer’s Dream: Up to 27% faster mega-tasking when you simultaneously game, stream, and record compared with a 3-year-old PC
  • Still room for more power: Overclock confidently with new and enhanced features like Intel® Performance Maximizer, which makes it easy to dynamically and reliably custom-tune the unlocked processor based on the processor’s individual performance DNA

The Intel® 9th Gen Core i9-9900KS  is available as a configuration option across  MAINGEAR gaming desktops and workstations — including PC Gamer’s Editor’s Choice award-winning F131, the robust and powerful RUSH, and the R1 Razer custom edition. If you are currently enjoying a MAINGEAR PC and are looking to increase performance with the i9-9900KS, consider enrolling in the MAINGEAR EDGE subscription service, an affordable option to have the latest in powerful gaming hardware with a low upfront cost.