PES LEAGUE Online Championship 2018 CO-OP category Overview


The competition will be run as CO-OP in PES LEAGUE mode in PES 2018. This competition will be held over 2 seasons in the year.

The users who are playing with the full PES 2018 game and PES 2018 Lite can enter the competition.

Season 1 2017/12/21 – 2018/1/21

Season Ranking

The season ranking on the website determines season ranks. The scores are determined as follows.

  1. Season points won in the competition period
  2. Wins/Losses during competition period
  3. Points scored overall in the competition period
Season Points

Season points will be provided based on match results. Points will be multiplied based on the wins in each competition.

Competition coefficient
Weekly Finals Wins x 2
Weekly Qualifiers Wins x 1

Competition structure

Weekly Qualifiers

Players with the consecutive wins set will proceed to the Weekly finals.(*1)

Competitions will be held from Thursdays to next Thursdays . The time will vary and will be announed in-game (*2)

Weekly Finals

The rankings will be determined under the best consecutive match results played during the period. (*1)

Competitions will be held from Saturday to Sunday after weekly qualifiers. The time will vary and will be announed in-game (*2)

  1. Please check in-game for the number of matches
  2. Schedules are subject to change based on maintenance.
    If the competition cannot be carried out based on network connection failiures etc, we will notify the rescheduled matches on this website or in-game.

PES LEAGUE Online Championship 2018 Terms and Conditions