ROG Masters 2017, “Monumental” global tournament will offer $500,000 prize pool

From now through November, ROG Masters 2017 is set to engage CS:GO and Dota 2 communities in every continent simultaneously in a monumental tournament designed to advance the ROG Masters mission: seeing the potential of esports realized in every corner of the world.

This year, organizer ASUS Republic of Gamers is ramping up the fierceness of the competition by packing the schedule with esports legends – teams with countless victories and championships between them – as well as fine tuning the competition format. Drawing on the company’s presence worldwide, a global panoply of Country Qualifiers, Open Regionals and Regional Finals will find the most passionate, practiced players the esports scene has to offer and connect continents in a way that has rarely been seen in the history of esports competition.

The Structure of ROG Masters 2017
June/July – Phase 1 – 27 local Country Qualifiers and 3 Open Qualifiers for wider regions
August – Phase 2 – 3 Regional Qualifiers: one each for Americas, EMEA, and APAC
September – Phase 3 – 4 Regional Finals: invited pro teams fill the roster
November – Phase 4 – the Grand Finals: 6 teams per game fight for the distinction of being world champions in their esports title

In Phase 1, 30 ASUS offices around the world will hold online or offline Country Qualifiers, many with both components. Not only that, but the three online Open Regional Qualifiers will encompass the entire world – Americas, EMEA, APAC – making the competition truly open to all. The winners of those contests advance to Phase 2, the online Regional Qualifiers. Out of all the proven national greats taking part at this stage, only one Dota 2 team and one CS:GO team will emerge victorious from each region. The achievement is huge, but the pressure doesn’t end there.

Phase 3: The Regional Finals. This is where the dark horses from each region have to hold their own against the furious skill of the invited pro squads. A huge amount of honor is at stake: the pride of the pros, and the progress of the victors of Phase 2. Expect the fiercest fighting yet as the teams defend their standing and vie for their place in the Grand Finals.

Phase 4, the Grand Finals, is the culmination of the ROG Masters mission. Up to this point, the entire tournament has been about determining who is the absolute best in each region. Now, with the roar of the crowd urging them on and the world watching via livestream, the regional champions will come face-to-face, fighting for the lion’s share of the prize pool but also the ROG Masters 2017 trophy – testament to their triumph, and a strong claim to being the best in the world at what they do.

A more in-depth explanation can be found on the official ROG Masters website.