Spacestation Gaming Announces Season 5 SPL Roster

SMITE eSports

We here at Hi-Rez Studios are excited to announce that Spacestation Gaming, one of our partner organizations for Season 5 of the SMITE Pro League, has announced their roster lineup for the upcoming season. This team boasts some NA superstars that you know and love, along with some old pros who are looking to make a comeback on the competitive scene.

Here’s the full roster for Spacestation Gaming:

  • Hunter: BaRRaCCuDDA
  • Support: JeffHindla
  • Mid: Baskin
  • Jungle: Andinster
  • Solo: Aquarius

We’re excited to see the NA dream team is still alive and kicking, and we look forward to what the SSG boys will bring to the SMITE Pro League in Season 5.

We’ve got plenty more partner organizations and team rosters to announce, so stay tuned here or on Twitter (@SmitePro) for up-to-the-minute news on all things SPL!