StarCraft II World Championship Series Viewing at BlizzCon

Blizzard Entertainment

The full field of 16 players is now set for the 2017 WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon, and we’re anticipating another exciting finish to the year in esports as we crown this year’s StarCraft II World Champion. For 2017, we’re building a brand-new stage for StarCraft II and bringing it back to the show floor of the Anaheim Convention Center, the site of many iconic matches in StarCraft II esports history. This new stage will include various improvements to the live viewing experience such as increased visibility of the pro players. More game data integration will allow for more stats to be shared with the live spectator audience via secondary screens as well.

While all the WCS Global Finals matches will take place at the new stage on the floor of Hall A, the Arena at the Anaheim Convention Center will also be open for viewing of the Grand Finals. Overwatch World Cup will be creating an epic in-the-round experience that will convert over to StarCraft II on Saturday afternoon. Between the StarCraft II stage of Hall A, and the Arena, over 7,000 seats will be available for viewing the final match of the 2017 WCS season. Even those looking for a BarCraft-style experience will be able to find it at BlizzCon, as Joey Ray’s Bar in the StarCraft II area will offer expanded seating and viewing of the matches.

With so many different viewing options, and premium seating spread across multiple areas of the convention center for the Grand Finals, we’re looking forward to delivering a memorable StarCraft II esports experience to spectators at BlizzCon. And of course, esports fans anywhere can follow the action for free online via Twitch:

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