Takeout at Boston Festival of Indie Games

Takeout, the second card game from indie studio Small Monsters Games, has been selected for Boston Festival of Indie Games’ Tabletop Showcase.

Takeout is a social set-building card game for 2-4 players. In Takeout, players are a group of young backpackers in a tiny noodle shop down an alley in China. Although none of you speak Chinese, you’re determined to sample authentic Chinese cuisine. The object of the game is to get one dish of each flavor (sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter) and a cold drink into your meal, before any of your friends do. Use your superior chopstick skills or a Mandarin-English phrasebook to attack your friends.

In creating Takeout, game designer Meg Stivison was inspired by her years living and working in China.  After returning to the US and working on videogames for Next Island, Verge Games, Lakoo and others, she turned to this indie project to share a common travel experience with players.  She continues to work in cross-cultural education and game design.

Game artist Harold Sipe holds a BFA in New Media from KCAI. He is an award-winning author, game designer and producer who has acted as the project manager for games produced in partnership with such licensors as Paramount Pictures, National Geographic, Lifetime TV and others  before founding Small Monsters Games in 2015.

As Small Monster Games, Stivison and Sipe developed and released the Captain Action Card Game in partnership with Captain Action Enterprises in 2016. Takeout will be the second release for Small Monster Games.

Takeout will be available at the Boston Festival of Indie Games on September 23, 2017 and will be available for sale after that date.