Team Loot from HGC Cheer Coming Your Way

Blizzard Entertainment

Just before Fnatic and L5 took home the hardware from the Western and Eastern Clashes, respectively, the HGC Cheer program debuted, offering fans a chance to directly support their favorite HGC teams— while securing some fancy in-game items for themselves. Now that fans have done their part, Cheering more than 14 million Bits to teams on Twitch, those promised Heroes of the Storm items are rolling out and ready to be redeemed as of today.

Whether you went all-in for your favorite team or spread Bits around the HGC, the items for each milestone achieved thus far are available today, including the Chaos Lizard mount for every fan who Cheered even a single Bit. Beyond that, the Loot Chests, banners, and sprays unlocked through Cheering can be redeemed by fans who’ve linked their Blizzard and Twitch accounts and participated in the program. There’s still more to come for HGC Cheer as well, with additional global rewards and other special items to be gained as we make our way through the most exciting part of the HGC calendar.

Fans of eStar Gaming, WKG, Naventic (now Lag Force), and No Tomorrow (now SpaceStation Gaming) can continue cheering and redeeming items for each of those teams through August 31, and they’re yours to use going forward. Beginning September 1, fans can begin Cheering for TheOne.SGTY, Beyond the Game, SpaceStation Gaming, and Lag Force in the same fashion as their predecessors. Items for SpaceStation Gaming will be redeemable beginning September 5 with items for Lag Force TheOne.SGTY and Beyond the Game appearing sometime thereafter.