Team Vitality H1Z1 Pro League Roster

H1Z1 Pro League

The H1Z1 Pro League is proud to present to you the official roster for Team Vitality:

Markus “MakeZ” Oksavirta

Clement “Clem” Graham

Dennis “HOOWy” Olsson

Nicolas “Haraw” Gangneux

William “liam” Kolgar

When asked what he hopes to achieve in the H1Z1 Pro League, liam stated, “I have no illusions as I know there will be ups and downs but my goal is to make those who offered me this chance to participate in an event of this magnitude proud. It will be a unique adventure with my ultimate goal being to raise myself to the highest possible level as a competitor.” HOOWy is looking to “grow as a player and as a leader” while Haraw hopes “to prove to myself and everyone that I am one of the best H1Z1 players around.”

MakeZ, who has more than 4,000 hours playing H1Z1, plans to prepare for the Pro League by “grinding the game more than I ever have.” Clem adds, “I will be preparing for the H1Z1 Pro League by practicing hard every single day with my team and focusing on what we are doing wrong so that we can improve on those things.”

Check back soon for more roster announcements as we get closer to the premiere of the inaugural season of the H1Z1 Pro League on 4/21, live on Facebook! For the most up to date information on the League, including previous roster announcements, check out our Facebook Group, Twitter, and