Tekken Mobile – Rodeo’s journey (Character Reveal Trailer)

Tekken Mobile – iOS/Android – Rodeo’s journey (Character Reveal Trailer)

Brand new TEKKEN character Rodeo joins Tekken Mobile! The two-star Rodeo will be released for free to all players to celebrate the launch on March 1, 2018!

Bo “Rodeo” Montana is a former All-State Football Champion and US Marine. While on a secret mission, Rodeo and his unit was ambushed by Revenant, draining his and all his comrades physical strength and training. In order save his comrades he must defeat Revenant and recover his powers.

Rodeo features long reach and massive HP, with a fighting style comprised of military techniques mixed with MMA training. Although he is a new character to the TEKKEN franchise, he is a driven, loyal fighter whose training and fight style rival the most powerful existing fighters.