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Holy cow! What a truckload of information Psyonix has released over the past week.

Autumn Update releases September 28th

To start, they detailed player banners, a new in-game item added in the next update. In addition to the Season 5 rewards, players will be able to collect other customizable player banners. Player banners will be seen in the main menu and when goals are scored.

Next, Psyonix released detailed information on the Autumn Update, out on September 28th. In it, they previewed new time-of-day renditions of Champions Field (Day), Mannfield (Snowy), and DFH Stadium (Day) and announced seasonal arenas, which will begin with the new arena Farmstead. Also in the update, is the addition of limited-time events and their rewards, decryptors, which is a key that can be used on any crate. Speaking of crates, the Accelerator Crate will come in the next update, which is where you will be able to find the new Jager 619 RS battle-car.

On the tournament organization side, a new AI-powered spectating system, Director Mode, and a client-side LAN were announced. Director mode will be in addition of autocam and player cam, allowing production crews more options when spectating games. The client-side LAN feature will allow tournament organizers outside of RLCS to finally have a true local connection and low-latency tournament.

Here is a full list of additions coming in the Autumn Update:

  • Transparent Goalposts
  • Player Banners
  • Standardized Arenas: Starbase Arc, Wasteland, Champions Field (Day), Mannfield (Snowy), and DFH Stadium (Day)
  • Seasonal Arenas: Farmstead
  • Events and decryptors
  • Accelerator Crate and the new Jager 619 RS
  • Free new collectable items
  • Updated Main Menu Blog
  • Director Mode
  • LAN Support

After the Autumn Update

Not only did Psyonix detail the Autumn Update, they released information on community requested features that will be coming soon.

In early 2018, it is expected that Psyonix will release a beta version of a in-game tournament system. Players will be to register and play seamlessly through in-game menus, making it very convenient to compete in tournaments. Design Director Corey Davis confirmed that “individual / community organizers” will be the beta testers for the new tournament system.

In late 2017, Psyonix plans on rolling out a beta party system for those on the PC version of Rocket League. They will be able to manage friends and parties through an in-game system, allowing Psyonix to control partying from their own systems. This, will hopefully, make it possible for players on different platforms (PC / Mac / Linux, PS4, Xbox1, Switch) to party up and play together.

Here is a full list of additions coming after the Autumn Update:

  • In-game tournament system
  • Cross-platform parties


A month ago in an article in the Washington Post, the International Olympic Committee hinted at bringing esports to the 2024 Olympics. In very preliminary move, Devin Connors, from the Psyonix marketing team, reached out to the Olympics.

Esports News

RLCS Season 4 Europe: Week 2

After taking out EnVyUs, the reigning World Champions, last week, Method defeated Season 2 World Champions Flipsid3 Tactics and the #1 ranked team in Europe, Gale Force Esports, this week, putting them at 4-0 and comfortably at the top of the table in the league. After having a week 1 bye, Flipsid3 took their loss to Method and defeated EnVyUs (3-1) this weekend, leaving them in the middle of the pack in the standings. EnVyUs has had a slow start to league play. After dropping their match to Method last week, they were defeated by Flipsid3 this week, leaving them at 1-2 and the middle of the table. Time will tell if their fortunes will turn around.

For a look at the European standings and results, check the Reddit thread.

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RLCS Season 4 North America: Week 2

In the surprise of the week, Ghost came out strong against NRG, defeating them 3-1 with a Player of the Week performance from Klassux. After their defeat to Ghost, NRG took out their frustrations on Rogue (3-1). After this weekend’s results, they sit at #2 in the league. Similar to last week, Cloud9 comfortably took their wins against Allegiance (3-1) and FlyQuest (3-0), leaving them with a 3-0 record and placing them at the top of the league play standings.

For a look at the North American standings and results, check the Reddit thread.

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RLRS Season 4: Week 2

Tied at #1 in Europe heading into this week, The Leftovers and The Juicy Kids competed for the spot in the last match of the day. After a 3-1 win and a 3-0 record, The Leftovers have claimed the #1 place in Europe. In North America, Fibeon continued their strong form by taking out Premature Superhero Cops in a sweep. They sit alone at 3-0 atop the North American standings. Kinematics continued their down turn of form, taking a loss to Premature Superhero Cops (1-3) this week. After looking like a strong contender coming into league play, they have struggled to assert themselves.

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Roster News

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Around the Community

TexasRL Dallas Open

This week, TexasRL announced that their next LAN will be in Dallas on October 8th. They will be one of the first tournament organizers to use the LAN setting being added in the Autumn Update. Register to have a chance at a $1000 prize pool! Also, make sure to check out their online store, as all proceeds will go towards funding the event.

MLD Champions League

Up to now, Minor League Doubles has organized a league for players that are lower than Diamond. On Tuesday, they announced that they will be introducing a Champions League for players between Diamond and Champion 2 in Season 6. If you are interested in participating, make sure to register! In the meantime, MLD’s Season 5 Playoffs are airing the next several weeks, so make sure to tune in to their channel on Twitch!

Collegiate Rocket League

The 1st qualifier for the Collegiate Rocket League occurred this weekend. The 2nd qualifier will be this weekend.

Check the following links to see where your favorite school placed in the 1st qualifier:
CRL Northern Conference
CRL Eastern Conference
CRL Southern Conference
CRL Western Conference

RLCS Player Camera Settings

So that you would not have to, Lefticle collected the camera settings for all of the players competing in RLCS League Play from Europe, North America, and Oceania. Check out the Reddit post!