UNILAD Esports Joins The Elite Series

Gfinity eSports

Gfinity announced that UNILAD Esports, backed by its global media powerhouse namesake, has signed-up to the Elite Series for Season 3 replacing Reason Gaming. With a £250,000 prize pot up for grabs, UNILAD will line up against global esports heavyweights including Fnatic, Vitality and Team Envy when the tournament kicks-off on Friday 9th March at the Gfinity Esports Arena in London. As part of the agreement, UNILAD will host content from the Gfinity Elite Series across multiple channels during the eight weeks of competition.

UNILAD has an army of 50 million fans across the world that rack up over 4 billion video views-per-month across its 9 media channels. Its esports operation has some of the best global talent including Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing, the current FIFA Interactive World Cup champion. Armed with the re***tion as the best attacker in the history of FIFA, Spencer’s recent win was England’s first taste of gold medal glory at the FIWC since 2005.

The addition of UNILAD adds even more anticipation ahead of this season’s Elite Draft, where the best amateur players from the Challenger Series will be drafted to the 10 professional teams competing in the Elite Series. All teams will then compete in a five-week regular season in a bid to make the play-offs which will be played over a three-week period.

“The signing of UNILAD Esports sets up the coming season of Elite Series to be our most exciting yet and promises to deliver blockbuster entertainment,” said Neville Upton, CEO of Gfinity. “We set out to create a UK tournament that has global appeal and the major teams and players we now have competing would grace any of the major global tournaments.“

“We’re really excited that UNILAD Esports is joining the roster for the upcoming Gfinity Elite Series. The Gfinity Elite Series is the perfect tournament for our global audience to engage with the best esports content and get more fans involved in the action,” said Liam Harrington, CEO of UNILAD. “We look forward to supporting our players over the competition and working with Gfinity.”