University Interscholastic League, Generation Esports sponsors Texas League

Generation Esports (GenE) — a global community-focused esports organization and tournament platform — announced that it has been named the exclusive esports sponsor of the University Interscholastic League (UIL), Texas’ largest inter-school organization that provides extracurricular academic, athletic, and recreational activities to schools statewide.

“Generation Esports is honored to be an exclusive sponsor of the prestigious University Interscholastic League,” said Mason Mullenioux, co-founder and CEO of Generation Esports. “Our company is excited to share our knowledge of esports events and initiatives with Texas.”

“We are pleased to have GenE, an innovative platform dedicated to improving and engaging our communities, as an exclusive sponsor and supporter of the University Interscholastic League,” said Dr. Charles Breithaupt, Executive Director of the UIL.

In addition to its support of the UIL, GenE has big plans in Texas. GenE will introduce its High School Esports League (HSEL) — North America’s largest competitive gaming organization for high schools — and the recently launched Middle School Esports League (MSEL) to over 3,000+ Texas schools, offering high school and middle school students immediate access to GenE resources and its esports tournament platform. Students will be able to take part in competitions against fellow esports clubs year-round during seasonal tournaments — starting with the HSEL and MSEL Fall Majors. GenE will also host a special Texas state Super Smash Bros: Ultimate tournament for middle school and high school students this fall.

Popular esports titles featured in GenE’s student leagues include FIFA 20 (HSEL), Hearthstone (HSEL), Just Dance (MSEL), Madden 20 (HSEL), Mario Kart (MSEL), Minecraft (HSEL and MSEL), NBA 2K20 (HSEL and MSEL), Overwatch (HSEL), Rocket League (HSEL and MSEL), and Super Smash Bros: Ultimate (HSEL and MSEL) among others.

By becoming part of GenE’s network of partnered schools, educators have access to tools such as the HSEL Gaming Concepts curriculum that were designed to harness students’ passion for video games and funnel it into their academic success. This innovative curriculum, which was developed in partnership with Microsoft, teaches college-and-career-ready skills and social-emotional learning through the lens of video games and esports. Wherever the curriculum was implemented, students became better engaged in school activities, raised their GPAs, and improved their career prospects.

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