WCS Updated Rules – New Prizing, Points, and Age Requirements

Blizzard Entertainment

As we head into the 2018 season, a few rules have been updated to make the road to the Global Finals more streamlined and satisfying. The following rules have been added or updated for this year:

New Prizing for Circuit Events

We’ve redistributed the prize pool for WCS Circuit events in 2018. The prize for first place has been slightly reduced so that the prizes for making it to the round of 16 and the round of 32 have been increased proportionately.

WCS Points for Top 32

This year at all Circuit events, WCS Points will be awarded to the top 32 players instead of just the top 16. Players who are eliminated in the round of 32 of an event will now receive 100 WCS Points instead of zero.

Minimum Age Requirements Revisited

Beginning this year, the rules around the minimum age requirement have been updated to allow players on the cusp of eligibility to sign up for events. Now, as long as a player will be 16 years of age before the event begins, they can sign up for the event even if they’re not quite 16 yet.

For all of this year’s official rules and regulations, visit our rules page. For the WCS Leipzig rules visit here.