Baltic Esports League – esports revolution in the Baltics

GameOn and Challengermode are very happy to announce their partnership for the Baltic Esports League, connecting the local scene with the European esports circuit.

Baltic Esports League – esports revolution in the Baltics
GameOn, the Baltic Gaming Culture Convention and Challengermode, the automated tournament platform and digital home for competitive gamers, are revolutionizing esports in the Baltic region by creating the Baltics Esports League (BEL) for three major esports disciplines – CS:GO, PUBG and League of Legends – as part of their new partnership.

Up until now, there was a sensible lack of stability and no open sports-like league in the region to provide the best players with an opportunity to prove themselves. Big European esports leagues are well structured and organized, but lower tier leagues often miss the possibility to reach them. To that end, a regional league structure will be created that has a connection to the biggest European tournaments under the umbrella of the NEL (National Esports Leagues).

What sets BEL apart is not only openness to everyone in the region but also a clear path to higher leagues and tournaments across Europe. This is facilitated by the NEL structure created by Challengermode. Teams will be able to climb the divisions while the first division matches will be broadcasted weekly and conclude with the offline event finale organized by GameOn.

The first step to becoming Masters
As announced by Riot Games, the BEL will be part of the European Regional League circuit which is the new way for regional teams to qualify to European Masters. The first season finale of the BEL League of Legends discipline is scheduled for early September.

Similarly, high-tier league options will be provided to CS:GO and PUBG teams soon. Pre-qualifiers to the first season of BEL are already running. Registration to the league can be found on the Challengermode platform.

Next step forward
According to Ridas Bušmanas, Head of GameOn, the creation of a stable local league is the natural step forward for the development of esports in the Baltics.
“We are very proud to be the local partner for Challengermode in creating the very first open sports-like league in our region. Throughout the years GameOn has hosted various independent tournaments and we are happy to use our expertise in the field providing a clear path to the major Europe leagues.”
Ridas Bušmanas hopes to set a new standard for esports and provide Baltic talents with a chance to pursue their dreams to become the best.

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