Clash of Empires – Will be formally announced at gamescom 2017

Shakes & Fidget’s ongoing popularity has motivated the Hamburg-based developer Playa Games to expand their online role-playing game’s universe by a brand-new title: Clash of Empires is an upcoming cross-platform strategy game. For the first time, players will be able to immerse into a 3D adaptation of the popular comic world.

“By now, Shakes & Fidget has over 50 million registered players in more than 30 countries,” said Playa Games founder Jan Beuck. “Our users have been asking for years for some kind of sequel. With Clash of Empires we are now meeting this wish.”

After more than a year of development, everyone interested can take a first look at the multi-platform strategy game in the business area at gamescom. “Shakes & Fidget players will immediately feel at home and at the same time experience something completely new,” Beuck explained. Playa Game’s latest creation breaks new ground while maintaining its humorous approach and in-depth gameplay: Clash of Empires is a comical tribute to strategy games as well as an ambitious strategy game itself.

Anyone who will not make it to gamescom will be able to get a personal impression of Clash of Empires in the 4th quarter of 2017 when a beta testing will commence. The official release is planned for early 2018.

Clash of Empires is the first game in a series of new titles from Playa Games. “New games within our Shakes & Fidget universe are already in the making,” Beuck said. “More information will follow shortly!”