Compete in November’s ESL Go4 tournaments

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Do you need to scratch that competitive itch and ranked play isn’t enough for you? Then look no further than our wide selection of Go4 cups! Test yourself against like minded opponents in our weekly tournaments while cash and/or hardware prizes await those that persevere til the monthly finals!

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There’s a tournament for everyone! Be a part of our classic Go4s in titles such as CS:GO, Dota 2, FIFA, Tekken and more. Or test the water in up and coming esports titles such as Arena of Valor, Mushroom Wars 2 and in our Virtual Reality tournaments in Echo Arena and The Unspoken.

The first Go4ArenaOfValor cups for instance, were an intense battle between some incredibly talented and skilled players. After many great matches full of mind blowing tactics and astonishing teamwork, the crowning champions were a team with a very modest name.

“Worst team” made it to the top of 45 teams and we’ve taken the time to find out a little more about them. Upon winning the €500 for first place, the team said they were “Happy and excited” to have won. The players are relatively new as a team, stating they had only been playing together for “two days” prior to the Go4. This is even more impressive when we asked how often do you practice? Their response was “none at all”! With that level of innate skill and teamwork, we asked this budding pro-team if they had any advice for teams thinking of signing up to the Go4ArenaOfValor cup. Ironically their response was “get more practice” which is all round great advice for all up and coming teams.

Do you think you can take them on? Sign up to the next Go4ArenaOfValor, every Sunday with a €5000+ monthly prize pool.

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Will you be taking home your share of the prize money this month? We can’t wait to see you on the battlefield!