Wargaming’s “Blitz Twister Cup” offline finals – Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 in Minsk with a prize pool of $30,000

Get ready for the most anticipated tournament finals of 2017: Wargaming’s “Blitz Twister Cup” is coming to Minsk Saturday, November 11, 2017.

Four elite teams representing four different regions (Russia, Europe, Asia, and North America) will engage in fierce, no-holds-barred tank warfare at Minsk’s Prime Hall – requiring teamwork, skill, and, strategy above all in order to take 1st place.

The prize pool is divided as follows:

*   1st place:  $15,000
*   2nd place: $  8,500
*   3rd place:  $  4,000
*   4th place:  $  2,500

A top-notch commentator team has been secured for the finals. Bushka will be handling the English side of things – and Tortik, Sim_Saladin, and Deselver will be broadcasting in Russian.


Viewers can witness an epic war unfold in the World of Tanks Blitz double elimination tournament on Saturday, November 11 starting at 1:30 p.m. GMT+3. With a $15,000 prize for the winners, notable teams Blitzkrieg [PRAMO] will fight for North America, C4 [C4] will represent Russia, Legion [LGN] will stand up for Europe, and EHR2 [EHR] will defend Asia. The Grand Final will boast the best from both upper and lower brackets, in a frantic Best of Seven skirmish for the top prize.


*   Two teams of 7 players
*   Battle time: 7 minutes
*   Battle mode: Supremacy
*   Interval between battles: 2 minutes
*   Mobile devices only
*   Battle format: Best of 3
*   Final match: Best of 7
*   Double elimination matches
*   Maps will be chosen by drawing lots

World of Tanks Blitz is the free-to-play PvP hit where commanders face off in 7-vs-7 tank combat – with over 200 unique vehicles to master from Germany, Japan, France, China, the USSR, UK, and US. Choose your tank, upgrade your vehicle, and battle on more than a dozen maps against tankers from all over the world.

World of Tanks Blitz is available as a free-to-play app on the App Store, Google Play, Steam, and the Windows Store.

Watch The Event Live: