Esports Futuri Podcast Network, podcast network focused entirely on esports

Esports Futuri Podcast Network, a new podcast company, announced the launch of the first podcast network focused entirely on the trends and business of esports, featuring leading industry voices and stories. The podcast debuts with three shows and many more to come over the coming year — all available on Esports Futuri’s website and anywhere podcasts can be heard. Esports Futuri Podcast Network’s inception was spurred by the need to address the esports industry’s accessibility gap through an inclusive network and community.

Esports Futuri will feature perspectives from Lewis Johnson, well-known professional and college sports journalist and Olympic broadcaster; Rebecca Longawa, an esports brand builder and strategist with an esports consultancy agency; and John Davidson, founder and CEO of Davidson Learning Company (DLC) and Chairman of the Esports Trade Association.

Johnson hosts All In With Esports, where he explores the latest news in the esports world with key players driving innovation and inclusion across the industry. In Future of Marketing in Esports, Longawa joins industry leaders to discuss the evolution of marketing in esports and upcoming trends. Davidson’s The DLC Drop podcast features stories of both up-and-comers and trendsetters in esports and legends across other industries who see the potential in esports and have begun their own journey into gaming.

“Esports Futuri Podcast Network’s mission to make esports inclusive and accessible for everyone led me to join the network,” said Johnson. “I’m excited to leverage my sports background and commentary experience to dig deep into the world of esports and the people bringing new ideas and innovation into this rapidly growing space. Both businesses and gamers of all levels and backgrounds can benefit from hearing their stories.”

“An often-overlooked part of the growing esports world is the marketing efforts behind the business,” noted Longawa. “Working in the brand and marketing side of esports, I’ve noticed a gap in the industry when it comes to sharing insights with our peers. I’m thrilled to join the Esports Futuri family to discuss the future of marketing in esports and topics surrounding emerging technology, fan engagement, social strategies and more.”

“No one can deny that the esports industry is booming across the globe, and my goal is to ensure everyone has the information needed to participate in a meaningful way,” added Davidson. “The DLC Drop aims to share how a variety of tastemakers from different backgrounds are breaking into esports and gaming, which I believe is important to highlight for avid gamers, those new to the world of esports and everyone one in between.”