EU Regional Finals of Street Fighter V to Milan Games Week on October 1, 2017

FACEIT, the world’s leading independent competitive gaming platform, is partnering with the Capcom Pro Tour, AESVI and Fandango Club, the event organizers of the Milan Games Week, to bring the EU Regional Finals of Street Fighter® V to Milan Games Week on Sunday, Oct. 1. The tournament, organized by FACEIT, will mark the third consecutive year the Capcom Pro Tour has hosted a premiere event at Milan Games Week.

The Regional Finals Last Chance Qualifier will take place at 11:00AM UTC, Saturday, September 30 with the top player competing in the EU Regional Finals at 2:00PM UTC on Sunday. The qualifying Street Fighter V winner will face off against the seven players who previously qualified from the EU Regional Ranking events throughout the year. The winner of each EU Regional Final will earn a qualifying spot in the Capcom Cup 2017.

“Over the past two years, the Milan Games Week has proven to be the perfect venue for the Europe’s most skilled Street Fighter V warriors to face off,” said James Bardolph, Creative Director of FACEIT Media. “We’re excited to continue bringing these players together, and we look forward to future Capcom competitions in Street Fighter V and beyond.”

“Milan Games Week is proud to host Europe’s most intense Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite matches at the EU Regional Finals,” said Paolo Chisari, AESVI president. “The return of the Capcom Pro Tour, along with a huge variety of other events and games will make Milan Games Week 2017 the most exciting yet!”, said Pier Luigi Parnofiello, Head of Esports at Fandango Club spa.

Players interested in entering in the Open Qualifier will be able to do so on from today until 10:30AM Saturday, September 30.  Rules can be found here:

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