FNATIC Debut’s New 2018 Team Jersey

FNATIC, one of the world’s leading global esports brands, revealed its new 2018 team jersey, which will be worn by players across all eight of  FNATIC’s professional teams. This year’s jersey, designed and created with British graphic design studio Accept & Proceed, pays homage to FNATIC’s winning heritage within the esports industry since 2004.  With a bespoke, modern pattern that reflects FNATIC’s incomparable legacy, the new 2018 jersey will be one item its fans and players will be delighted to wear this year.

To create the jersey’s unique design, Accept & Proceed analysed statistics from FNATIC’s  tournament wins and top 3 placements over the previous 14 years. From this, the designers created a visual representation to highlight the team’s success. Accept & Proceed has proven experience within the traditional sports industry across both Europe and the US, working with the English Premier League, Serie A and La Liga, cycling team, Team Sky Rapha and the NFL and NBA. In addition, several designs were used in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. Now, with this partnership with FNATIC, two leading brands who share a similar work ethos have united to deliver a bespoke team jersey to the esports industry and FNATIC’s global fanbase.

Matthew Jones, Accept & Proceed said, “Our collaboration with FNATIC has been an incredible experience.  We have been able to explore and celebrate its rich history and highlight moments of pure esports glory, and work with a forward-thinking organisation that like to do things differently. The resulting design looks beautiful, has purpose and a great back story – one that fans will love. We wanted to create and design something that builds confidence and pride in the players and give the fans a new shirt design they’re proud to wear.”

Benoit Pagotto, Marketing Director of  FNATIC said, “We are thrilled to offer our team and fans the Fnatic 2018 Pro Jersey, bringing to life our unique legacy and vision of the future of sports. We are always aiming to challenge ourselves and our impact on the industry, working with talented artists and partners such as Accept & Proceed, enables us to introduce them to our world and create best in class concepts.

Accept & Proceed’s visualization of our legacy is just the beginning of more collaborations and ambitious new creations that we’re announcing in 2018. We look forward to creating the next chapters of our brand with fans, players and partners.”