Fun & Serious Festival 2020, confirms final roster of talks

The Festival will be held from December 10 to 12 featuring a special format commemorating its 10th anniversary: free access online talks with the most important honorary awards and speakers that have passed through the Festival in the last decade:

Marc Merril (Riot), Tim Willits (Saber – id Software), Harvey Smith (Arkane), Warren Spector (Bioshock) and David Cage (Quantic Dream) among key names.

In a year of cancellations, without E3 and without so many key industry events for the video game sector, the Fun & Serious Game Festival has considered “necessary and essential” to keep its regular winter dates and confirms the celebration of its tenth edition for December 10 to 12. For this occasion, the festival will go online.

With a decade of existence, and an agenda of high-level speakers, Fun & Serious has fully established itself as an essential cultural event on the European agenda, and given the current health circumstances, it has decided to shift towards online with the aim to celebrate its tenth anniversary in style: the event will invite some of the honorary winners and most important participants who have attended the festival during the last decade, to give talks that will be accessible live from anywhere in the world: All talks will be streamed in English (with the possibility to turn on and off Spanish voiceover) and the access will be free, through the festival website

Among the top names confirmed in this shortlist of industry stars are Marc Merrill, co-founder and chairman of Riot Games, developer and publisher of League of Legends, Tim Willits (Saber Interactive) who features a prolific and brilliant career in the industry with titles such as DOOM and Quake franchises, Warren Spector a well-known producer and ideologue of video games such as System Shock, Deus Ex and Thief: The Dark Project, who has been a pioneer in this industry for more than 30 years, Harvey Smith, co-creative director of Arkane Studios and responsible, together with Raphael Colantonio, of the game that won more than 100 “Game of the Year” awards and the BAFTA 2013 for Dishonored, and for the subsequent installments of the saga, and David Cage, creator of titles that have been able to blow up the traditional borders of video game, such as the multi-awarded Detroit: Become Human, Beyondo Two Souls or Heavy Rain.

The event will appeal to a very varied audience, ranging from video game fans who will be able to learn more about the creation of their favorite titles, to professionals, as well as students of video game design and creation. The talks of these key names in the industry will be moments to learn, know and delve into the creative process and the business leadership of the great titans of the sector.

The Festival will conclude, as in previous years, with the presentation of the Titanium Awards to the Best Productions of the Year.

December 10-12, 2020