Get ready for the 2017 LOL All-Star Event

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All-Star 2017 is coming up quick and we’ve got all the info you’ll need to get ready for the battle of the Dream Teams coming your way on December 7-10.

Every year the All-Star Event serves as a celebration of competition at the highest levels on the Rift. This year, we’ve updated the format to make All-Star 2017 a more compelling and exciting tournament, while still retaining some of the fun and energy of All-Star’s past. Need a recap on what to expect at the new All-Star? Look no further — we’ve got you covered below.

What is All-Star 2017?

All-Star 2017 is all about celebrating the best players in League esports and providing a more compelling tournament format where they can fight for regional glory as a dream team and outplay their foes in the 1v1 tournament. Eight participating regions will send player-voted rosters filled with their top pros to Los Angeles where they’ll clash for pride and global adoration. The regional teams will also have a Head Coach voted on by the regional pros for the main event. It’s the only time you’ll get to see action quite like this as we countdown to the start of the 2018 Season.

Why does All-Star 2017 matter?

All-Star 2017 is the only tournament where regional dream teams square off in a battle for pride, glory, and epic outplays. It’s the one time of the year where the best players put aside their team jerseys, come together to celebrate, and compete at the highest level as a region. Whether it’s the main event featuring super teams built out of the world’s greatest talent or a battle of wits in the 1v1 tournament, it’s all about finding out who’s got what it takes to claim victory.

What’s the format?

There are two components to All-Star 2017: the Main Event Tournament and the 1v1 Tournament.

For the Main Event, teams will be split into two groups and compete in a single Best of 1 (Bo1) round robin. From there the top two teams from each group will move on to the Best of 3 (Bo3) Semifinals for their shot at the Best of 5 (Bo5) Finals.

The 1v1 Tournament will feature 16 players as chosen by their coaches. These players will go heads up in a single elimination bracket. The Round of 16 and Quarterfinals will follow a Best of 1 format, while the Semifinals and Finals will move to Best of 3s.

Who’s participating?

Once the votes were tallied up from each region, dream teams were assembled and the hype matchups were finally locked in. Below you’ll find a list of regions and the superstars they chose to represent them:

China (LPL):

  • Top: 957
  • Jungle: Mlxg
  • Mid: xiye
  • ADC: Uzi
  • Support: Meiko
  • Coach: Firefox

Europe (EU LCS):

  • Top: sOAZ
  • Jungle: Jankos
  • Mid: PowerOfEvil
  • ADC: Rekkles
  • Support: IgNar
  • Coach: Youngbuck

Korea (LCK):

  • Top: CuVee
  • Jungle: Ambition
  • Mid: Faker
  • ADC: PraY
  • Support: GorillA
  • Coach: H-Dragon


  • Top: Ziv
  • Jungle: Karsa
  • Mid: FoFo
  • ADC: BeBe
  • Support: SwordArT
  • Coach: Steak

North America (NA LCS):

  • Top: Hauntzer
  • Jungle: MikeYeung
  • Mid: Bjergsen
  • ADC: Sneaky
  • Support: Aphromoo
  • Coach: Ssong

Southeast Asia (GPL):

  • Top: Hope
  • Jungle: Levi
  • Mid: Naul
  • ADC: NoWay
  • Support: Palette
  • Coach: Tinikun

Turkey (TCL):

  • Top: Thaldrin
  • Jungle: Stomaged
  • Mid: Frozen
  • ADC: Zeitnot
  • Support: Zergsting
  • Coach: Pades

Brazil (CBLOL):

  • Top: VVvert
  • Jungle: Revolta
  • Mid: Kami
  • ADC: brTT
  • Support: Dioud
  • Coach: Peter

When is the All-Star Event?

The All-Star Event will take place December 7-10 at the NA LCS Studios in Los Angeles, California. The show will kick off daily at 3:00 PM PT.

How can I watch?

You can catch all the action streamed live right here on Lolesports. If you can’t watch live check out the VODs tab or head on over Lolesports YouTube channel to catch up on anything you missed.