Echo Fox awarded one of the ten charter North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) franchises

Echo Fox, the premiere eSports organization, announced that it has been awarded one of the ten charter North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) franchises by Riot Games. League of Legends (LoL), the popular multiplayer online battle arena title is also the most widespread esport title in the world; its recent Beijing championship saw a peak of 106 million live unique viewers on Twitch and 80,000 event attendees.

“Riot Games has been at the forefront of eSports since it installed the LCS back in 2014,” said Rick Fox, three-time NBA Champion and founder of Echo Fox. “We are extremely honored and proud that Echo Fox will be one of the charter franchises in North America and our selection further proves that Echo Fox will continue its ascent to becoming the number one esport organization in the world.”

Most recently, Echo Fox was included as part of an investment partnership between Vision Esports and the New York Yankees. Through the investment, both companies will work to accelerate the growth and increase brand awareness for Echo Fox around the globe. The support from the partnership will aim to mirror the management of Echo Fox in a manner similar to traditional professional sports properties. Echo Fox is known for providing players with an ideal environment that promotes their continued development and growth as professional athletes through offerings like player housing, fitness programs and more.

Jared Jeffries, President of Echo Fox, is hopeful that this will be an exciting season for both the LCS team players and fans of Echo Fox. “We are on the forefront of something magnificent for the esports world and we’re looking forward to competing against nine other world-class esport organizations to win this inaugural season.”

This announcement is only the beginning of an eventful 2018 for Echo Fox. In the coming months, the team will host a first-ever eSports Roster Day to reveal several new exciting player additions to the Echo Fox umbrella including the 10 man LoL team. In addition, the organization will host its second annual FoxCon, an event that brings together the entire Echo Fox organization for a single weekend to strengthen the internal and external Fox community.