‘Gridiron Bowl’ Online Madden Tournament Starting June 12

Gridiron Gaming, powered by the Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA), announced Gridiron Bowl, a 3-on-3 Madden tournament produced by Thunder Studios.

Participants will have a chance to compete for a $10,000 prize pool. The community portion of the tournament will kick off on June 12 and lead up to the main event on June 26. The main event will have six teams play during show matches, each team integrating a retired NFL player, a professional Madden player and a community player.

Retired NFL players on the roster for the main event are:

Gridiron Bowl will have the following structure:

  • Community Qualifier: June 12-131-8 p.m. EDT: Individual players will compete in a +/- 2-point format. The top 32 players will compete in the Double-Elimination Bracket.
  • Double-Elimination Bracket: June 193 p.m. EDT: The top six players will earn a spot in the tournament (final four winners’ bracket, final three losers’ bracket), and the top two will earn their team a bye.
  • Main Event Show MatchesJune 263 p.m. EDT: Six teams of three will compete in show matches. Each team will include a retired NFL player.
    • Game Mode: The Yard. Standard Yard, Play-a-Friend, Best-of-3, Single-Elimination

Registration for the Community Qualifier and regular updates on Gridiron Bowl can be found on the tournament’s Battlefy page. Fans will be able to watch the main event on Twitch.