Madden Ultimate League Week 9 Recap and Standings

Matt Franciscovich – Madden 18 Ultimate League (MUL)

Welcome to the Madden 18 Ultimate League (MUL) season weekly recap. Check out some of the biggest risers and fallers in the standings, review a full scoreboard from the week, and take a deep dive into some of the best matchups from the season’s weekly MUL gameplay. If you’re new to the Madden Ultimate League, here’s a guide on how to watch all season long.

After the third week of Elite Conference gameplay, a few competitors have separated themselves as mid-season favorites to advance to the postseason. On the flipside, others have seemingly dug themselves into a potentially devastating hole. Either way, this weekend’s gameplay was thrilling, as the final scores in seven of eight matchups came down to one possession. Catch up on all the action below as the Elite Conference regular season drives forward, with all eyes on the $100K Madden Bowl prize in late April.


  • Michael “Skimbo” Skimbo had the most impactful standings surge of the week. He won all three of his games, boosting his record to 5-2 on the season, and jumped into first place in Division B. Skimbo currently owns the best overall defense, allowing a conference-low 15.43 points against per game.
  • An early season front-runner, Abbot “Blocky” Lopez lost both of his games after starting 4-0. It’s an alarming mid-season skid, but he remains atop the Division A leaderboard. Blocky has the best ball security of any Elite Conference competitor, with just four giveaways through six games.
  • Hassan “GOS” Spall wasn’t messing around last week as he continued his positive momentum and picked up two more wins. He has indeed found his form on offense, averaging 32.66 points of offense over his last three games compared to a 10.66 points-per-game average through his previous three matchups.
  • The Noble esports duo, Stephen “Noble SteveyJ” Javaruski and Michael “Noble Prodigy” Scott, combined for three losses and zero wins during Saturday’s stream. Both competitors own 2-4 records and would have to string together several late-season wins to make the playoffs a reality.


Blocky (MIA) vs. Shay “Young Kiv” Kivlen (SEA)

Final score: Blocky 20, Young Kiv 24

Cruising into the weekend with undefeated confidence, Blocky faced a challenge with games against Young Kiv and Skimbo, and he put up a fight. Both games were tight. But both games ended on the final play with the same exact result: interceptions in or near the end zone thrown by Blocky with nothing but zeros on the clock. Let’s break this one down.

With just under a minute to play in the first quarter, Young Kiv completed a four-play, 68-yard drive with a game-tieing 12-yard rushing touchdown scored by Football Outsiders Elite QB Carson Wentz.

Pictured above: Wentz shows off in the end zone following Young Kiv’s rushing touchdown. Relax Eagles fans, Wentz is sporting a Seahawks uniform for Madden Ultimate Team purposes only.

Let’s fast-forward to the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter. Young Kiv owned a 17-13 lead. Blocky and his Dolphins had the ball on the 24-yard line, and lined up in a Gun Bunch formation. Blocky slung a Bullet Pass to NFL Playoffs Elite RB Derick Henry in the flat. The big running back hauled it in, turned upfield, dodged Young Kiv’s user defender in the open field, and got on his horse toward the goal line. Henry stiff-armed a defender at the 1-yard line and plowed into the paint. The score put Blocky up 20-17.

Young Kiv shifted the momentum quickly into his favor, and his offense had ball on the 15-yard line with 1:02 left in regulation. Set in another Gun Bunch look, Young Kiv snapped and waited for the play to develop. He stood tall in the pocket with Wentz, made a quality read, and deposited a Bullet Pass in the direction of Super Bowl Elite WR Paul Warfield (95 OVR). As the receiver cut toward the front right corner of the end zone, the ball, thrown on a rope, was secured by Warfield and ruled a touchdown that gave Kiv a 24-20 lead

Blocky’s fate was in his own hands, with a last chance on offense. Just one second was left on the clock, and Blocky had the ball within striking distance on the 20-yard line. He sent three wideouts streaking toward the paint, and unloaded a prayer of a Bullet Pass to intended receiver Team of the Week Gold WR Jakeem Grant. Unfortunately for Blocky, Young Kiv’s defender cut the pass off for a pick in the end zone. FIN.

And that my friends, is what we call a “thousand-dollar play.” (Get it? Each regular season win is worth a thousand bucks.) Anyway, gg fellas, that one was fun.

Joel “JoelCP” Crooms-Porter (PIT) vs. Skimbo (NE)

Final score: Joel CP 22, Skimbo 24

With his win over Joel CP, Skimbo completed a three-game sweep during Saturday’s stream and has now racked up five straight victories. Joel CP didn’t make it easy for him though, and you’d be sorely mistaken if you thought this would be a quiet affair. Here’s how it played out.

There was about 1:11 left to play in the first half when Skimbo, down three points, released a beauty of a Lob Pass from the 22-yard line in Madden Blitz Elite WR Tyreek Hill’s direction. The wideout faded toward the back of the end zone behind five defenders, and the pass was an expertly-placed drop in the bucket. Hill effortlessly caught it for a touchdown as Skimbo took a 10-6 lead.

And with that, the chirping began.

Skimbo belted out, “You can’t get lucky all game!” To which Joel CP responded, “I guess! I guess! I guess!”

The whole earmuff situation doesn’t lend itself to quality trash-talking, but the opponents engaged anyway.

“I need some flukes,” Skimbo said. “If they go my way, it’s over. It’s over and you know it, too.”

Joel CP fired back, itimating that Skimbo’s two-time Madden Championship Series first-place finishes may not be entirely due to skill. “Wah, wah, wah! How’d you get your two belts? Luck! You got two belts with a goldfinger in your pocket.” (Whatever that means. It probably has something to do with luck.)

Okay, back to the gameplay.

Joel CP had some time to add a few points before halftime. Facing a third-and-four from his own 44-yard line he decided to scramble out of the pocket and use Snow Beast Elite QB Marcus Mariota’s legs to try for a first down. He sprinted forward, completely aware of the dwindling clock, and headed toward the boundry as he approached the first down marker. But Skimbo’s defenders closed quickly, and Joel CP went backwards a few yards on a spin-move to elude a tackle. As Mariota recovered, he was nailed with a Skimbo Hit-Stick causing a Big Hitter Fumble. Skimbo scooped up the lose ball, and returned it all the way for six points with NFL Playoffs Elite CB Malcolm Butler.

Joel CP was shockingly silent during the scoop and score. Halftime could not have come sooner for the outspoken Washington, D.C. native.

The usually boisterous competitor kicked-off to Skimbo’s Core Elite WR Devin Hester to start the second half. That was a mistake.

Skimbo sprinted downfield with his return man, changed direction on a dime to avoid a defender, cut back upfield through a small gap in coverage, and picked up a quality block at the 40-yard line. As Hester crossed mid-field with nothing but green grass and the painted end zone in front of him, Skimbo proclaimed, “This game’s

Skimbo does not lie. The kick return put him up 24-6 and while Joel CP made it close, Skimbo eventually chalked up the victory.

Make sure to tune in next week as Elite Conference gameplay continues.