GSL vs. the World – Invites and Open Voting

Blizzard Entertainment

The epic clash of one StarCraft II region versus many is just around the corner. From August 3 to 6, players will face off in team and individual competition for $100,000, and the pride of Korea or the World. The teams are now being formed, so check below for details on how you can get involved in voting your favorite player in!

The Teams

Each team will be made of 8 players through a mix of invited and online voting.

To kick of each team with a solid roster of players, we’ll be inviting the top 4 point earning players to each team. The finish off each roster, you will be able to vote in a representative of the mighty Zerg, Terran, and Protoss factions into the tournament. Candidates will be drawn from the top of the WCS Standings.

To fill the final eighth place in the lineup, Korea will have one “Wildcard” spot. After the top player is selected from each race, all the 2nd place votes will be compared, and the highest from whichever faction will get the final position!

For the World team, our Chinese fans won’t be able to participate in general vote, so we’ll be opening up the 8th spot to a dedicated China representative based on WCS points.

Voting is open now for all placements until 10:00am PDT on July 19!

GSL Allstars

Note: invites are based on WCS Korea Standings, excluding IEM Shanghai and GSL Season 3

World Allstars

Note: invites are based on WCS Circuit Standings prior to WCS Valencia

The Tournaments

GSL vs. the World will include a team competition and an individual competition. The individual competition will include all 16 players in a single elimination bracket. The team tournament will be a special exhibition to put these two regions face to face.

The Schedule

  • August 3 – Round of 16, Day 1
  • August 4 – Round of 16, Day 2
  • August 5 – Round of 8 and Semi-Finals
  • August 6 – Team Competition and Grand Finals

Voting is now open, so make sure to check the links above and make your voice heard. There are more details to come on prizing, schedule and the team competition soon!