Heroes of the Dorm – Regional Championships Week 5

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Heroes of the Dorm’s regular season wrapped up this past week with a whole menu of regional championships. Here’s a look at the most compelling results from this past weekend’s action.

•[University of Michigan] (Michigan) def. [Ohio State] (Ohio) 2-1 Match Results
•[George Mason] (GMU) def. [Johns Hopkins University] (JHU) 2-1 Match Results
•[University of Buffalo] (UB) def. [University of Waterloo] (CPP) 2-0 Match Results
•[University of Notre Dame] (ND) def. [Florida State University] (FSU) 2-0 Match Results

Stay tuned next week when we will provide details on the Round of 64 and the bracket reveal show! Plus, there may be a surprise or three for serious Heroes of the Dorm fans.

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Broadcast Schedule:
The regular season has ended, stay tuned for the bracket reveal show on March 21st at 9am to see how the remaining teams stack up nationally.

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